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When Brig. Gen. Otis Howard had his right arm amputated after being wounded in battle, fellow Union Brig. Gen. Philip Kearny (who lost his left arm in the American-Mexican War) later remarked, "General, we will have to buy gloves together!"

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On the set of "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" the stunt double for Milla Jovovich was so badly injured that her arm was amputated. Olivia Jackson had performed stunts in several hit films including Star Wars, Mad Max, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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  1. During the a battle in 1797, British Admiral Horatio Nelson was badly wounded in the right arm. When he came to the surgeon he said, "the sooner it is off the better," within a half hour of the amputation he returned to command of his forces.

  2. Thomas Edison abandoned his research into x-rays when he damaged his eyesight, and his assistant had his arms amputated from repeated exposure. “Don’t talk to me about X-rays,” he said. “I am afraid of them.”

  3. Queen guitarist Brian May developed hepatitis from a tainted needle in 1974, almost forcing him to have his arm amputated. He eventually regained his health in time to help his bandmates finish the album which contained their first megahit, "Killer Queen".

  4. Gavrilo Princip, the man that assassinated Franz Ferdinand and started WW1, was arrested and in prison he contracted Skeletal Tubercolisis which started eating his bones so badly that his arm was amputated and weighted 40 kilograms (88 pounds).

  5. A US army doctor went back to Vietnam in 2013 to return the arm of a North Vietnamese soldier the doctor amputated in 1966

  6. Stonewall" Jackson's amputated arm has its own burial place and grave stone.

  7. Lord Nelson is quoted to have said, " I am Lord Nelson. See here's my fin", referring to the remains of his amputated arm.

  8. The 18th North Carolina Infantry Regiment shot Stonewall Jackson with friendly fire. His arm was amputated as a result at a field hospital.

  9. Drummer Rick Allen had his severed left arm reattached following his automobile accident in 1985 but was re-amputated due to an infection. He still continues to drum with Def Leppard.

  10. A Siberian man amputated his arm in order to escape being trapped by his submerged truck that fell through the ice and a pack of wolves that were circling.

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Stonewall" Jackson, renowned Confederate general, was mistakenly shot by his own men and had to have his arm amputated. He died 8 days later of pneumonia.

The term "basket case" originated in WWI in reference to supposed soldiers whose legs and arms were amputated, thus needing to be carried out in a basket. - source

Jackson's amputated arm was buried in his family cemetery.

Jackson's arm was amputated at a field hospital. A few days later, he developed an infection and he died of pneumonia.

Madonna, Kim Basinger, and Ed Harris once signed up to make a movie about a surgeon who amputates the arms and legs of the woman he loves, then keeping her in a box and taking care of her. It was called "Boxing Helena." - source

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Phantom pain from a lost limb can be alleviated through a therapy using a mirror which creates the illusion of the amputated arm being intact

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Amputees who experience phantom limb pain in their amputated arm or leg can alleviate that pain using a mirror box, which tricks the brain into believing that a mirror image of their existing limb is their amputated limb.

The Neanderthals took care of their injured and infirm, just the same as we do. There's a skeleton with a blow to the head that blinded him in one eye, caused his right arm not to work properly and need amputation below the elbow. He lived into his 40s (80s today)

A PBS correspondent had his arm amputated after some camera gear fell on it, which had led to a very rare condition called acute compartment syndrome.

Raglan sleeves are named after a british army soldier who had an arm amputated

Aron Ralston, the guy who amputated his arm to escape from a dislodged boulder (the true events from the movie "127 Hours"), lives in Boulder, Colorado.

When applying a tourniquet to an amputated arm the emt should?

An 18 year man was crushed by a forklift and was amputated from belly button down along with his arm. Here is his story :(

Sampson Parker performed a self amputation on his right arm with his pocketknife after being caught in a corn picker, breaking his own bone to be set free before a blazing fire melted his skin off

Dustin Hoffman's great grandmother survived a Russian concentration camp for 5 years fled to Argentina and by the time she got to Ellis Island at age 62 her vision was 70/20 and she had an amputated arm. This was a family secret that his farther was ashamed of and was never shared to him.

Admiral Lord Nelson learned to successfully write with his left hand following the amputation of his right arm after the battle of Santa Cruz.

Jonah Hill has a massive scar on his right arm from an incident that occurred when he was 15. Thinking his mother would die of cancer, he went off the rails and had a car accident that injured his arm to the point that doctors considered amputation.

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The paralympics have a swimming classification that includes "...swimmers with short stature, amputations of both arms..." So a short person vs an armless person is a fair race

What synthol is and about the man who had to get his arms drained due to risk of amputation from his extreme use

CNN aviation analyst Miles O'Brien had his left arm amputated above the elbow after an accident in the Phillipines

An American army doctor who served in Vietnam returned an arm he’d amputated to its owner, a Vietnamese soldier, 47 years after he took it as a souvenir. They met each other’s children and grandchildren and joked about which of them had been better looking back in the war.

There is an alternative rock band in Serbia called "The freshly amputated arm of Satriani"

A guy had to have his arms & legs amputated after his dog licked him on the face, transmitting a virus that caused sepsis

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