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Jackie the baboon, a member of the South African Infantry Brigade during World War I. With acute hearing he was able to give early warnings of enemy movement or impending attacks, would regularly march with his company and always saluted an officer.

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A baboon named Jackie served in combat in WWI, had a leg amputated, made a full recovery, was promoted to corporal, and was awarded a medal for valor.

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  1. Jackie the baboon who served in WW1 and was awarded a medal for valor, as well as promoted from private to corporal

  2. About Jackie the Baboon, the mascot for the South African 3rd Transvaal Regiment and the only baboon to fight in the First World War.

  3. Jackie the baboon, a member of the 3rd South African Infantry Brigade during WWI. He had a special uniform that he wore; he drilled with the company, served as a night guard, would light up cigarettes for his comrades and would always salute an officer passing on his rounds.

  4. A baboon named Jackie was enlisted in the South African Infantry Brigade during World War I. Among other things, Jackie would stand at attention and salute superiors.

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