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When Mount Everest was measured in 1854 the exact value was 29,000 feet. Despite being accurate, Andrew Waugh published the value as 29,002 feet to avoid the public assuming it was merely a rounded estimate. Thus he was known as "the first man to put 2 feet on top of Everest".

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In 1856 Sir Andrew Waugh calculated the height of Mt. Everest to be exactly 29,000ft. However, he published the calculation of 29,002ft. due to the fear that the former would seem like nothing more than a rounded estimate. This makes him the first person to put two feet on top of Mt. Everest.

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  1. Mount Everest was named by Andrew Waugh, George Everest sucessor. George Everest protested that the natives couldn't pronounce it and that it couldn't be written in Hindi, but the Royal Geographical Society named it Everest anyway despite his objections

  2. Sir Andrew Waugh gave Mount Everest its name out of respect for Colonel Sir George Everest, his predecessor and former Surveyor General of India. More than 5000 people are known to have climbed Mount Everest.

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