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About Alessandro Moreschi, the last Italian castrato singer, they would castrate the boys before puberty to retain the high voice, there is only one known recording of a castrato, he was around 50 years old when the recording was made, it is kind of eerie.

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Alessandro Moreschi, the last Castrato. He was castrated before reaching puberty in order to preserve his soprano singing voice. The recordings he made in his late forties are the only known recordings of a castrato singing voice.

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  1. The last recorded music from a verified castrato came from Alessandro Moreschi who was 46 at the time

  2. Alessandro Moreschi was a castrato singer of the late 19th century and the only castrato to make solo recordings

  3. Recordings exist of Alessandro Moreschi, the last choir boy at the Sistine Chapel to have been castrated to preserve his tender voice

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