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The female backing volalist on the Rolling Stone's "Gimme Shelter", Merry Clayton, was pregnant when summoned to the recording studio late at night, and suffered a miscarriage a few hours after strenously singing the famous line "Rape, murder! It's just a shot away! It's just a shot away!"

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In the Rolling Stones’ hit gimme shelter, Merry Clayton sung so forcefully you can hear her voice crack and Mick go ‘Woo!’ (3.02) Shortly after leaving the studio, Merry had a miscarriage and couldn’t listen to the song for years

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  1. For the song Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones, Merry Clayton was called in the middle of the night to record vocals, showed up pregnant, wearing pajamas, hair curlers, and recorded only a couple of takes.

  2. Merry Clayton, an accomplished singer who initially refused to record background vocals for Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama,' but was convinced by her husband to do it as a protest to the racial inequality and civil unrest in the country, particularly in the South.

  3. Merry Clayton, guest female vocalist on the Rolling Stones track Gimme Shelter, exerted herself so much during the recording she suffered a miscarriage.

  4. Merry Clayton got to sing backup with the Rolling Stones on "Gimme Shelter" because their original choice's husband refused to let her perform with them.

  5. Singer Merry Clayton suffered a miscarriage that some sources attribute to her exertions during the recording of "Gimme Shelter".

  6. Merry Clayton sang so hard while recording "Gimme Shelter" with The Rolling Stones, she suffered a miscarriage when she got home from the studio

  7. The female vocalist on "Gimme Shelter" by the Rolling Stones, Merry Clayton, suffered a miscarriage from the intensity of her performance during the recording session.

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Merry Clayton, the female singer on 'Gimme Shelter' had a miscarriage on the way back from recording due to how powerfully she sang - source

In Gimme shelter when Merry Clayton lets out her big scream saying “murder” at 3:03 and it was so forceful her voice cracked. Right after this Mick Jagger can be heard yelling “woo” in the background. - source

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