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During WWI, the United States attempted to change words that had German origins. Sauerkraut came to be called "liberty cabbage", German measles became "liberty measles", hamburgers became "liberty sandwiches".

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During WWI, sauerkraut in the U.S. was renamed "liberty cabbage" to avoid association with Germany.

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  1. During WWI, American sauerkraut makers relabeled their product as "Liberty cabbage," due to concerns the American public would reject a product with a German name.

  2. During WWI, Americans began calling sauerkraut "liberty cabbage" to distance it from its German origin

  3. During WWI sauerkraut was sometimes referred to as "liberty cabbage" to avoid "pro-German stigma"

  4. In WWI, sauerkraut's name in America was changed to liberty cabbage as propaganda against Germany.

  5. During WWI, United States sauerkraut manufacturers relabeled their product to "Liberty Cabbage" in light of anti-German sentiment.

  6. Americans called Sauerkraut "Liberty Cabbage" during WWI due to concerns people might not buy a food with a German name.

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