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When Robin Wright showed up at Rob Reiner's house to meet William Goldman, the door opened and "[Wright] was standing there in this little white summer dress, with her long blonde hair, and she had a halo from the sun. She was backlit by God. And Bill Goldman… said, 'Well, that's what I wrote.'"

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In the book of "The princess bride" there's a missing chapter called "the reconciliation" William Goldman (the author) wrote that if you wanted to read it you had to send a letter to the publisher house, and they would mailed it to you

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  1. William Dear, a respected PI, did his own investigation into the deaths of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With his findings over 18 years, he wrote the book "OJ is Innocent and I Can Prove It" and a documentary "The Overlooked Suspect" which can't be found anywhere online.

  2. Princess Bride' author, William Goldman, wrote the screenplay for 'Misery,' recommending Kathy Bates. He was very upset when the director went with simply hobbling the main character instead of having Annie Wilkes completely sever his feet.

  3. William Goldman bought back the rights to his book The Princess Bride with his own money, eventually giving it to Carl/Rob Reiner to make

  4. A young Lana Wachowski wrote an adaptation of The Princess Bride, impersonated a production company, and called William Goldman asking for the rights

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