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A UK man found a way to earn money off telemarketers who were constantly calling him. In 2011 he set up his own personal 0871 line - so to call him now costs money to the caller. Every time a bank, gas or electricity supplier asked him for his details, he submits it as his contact number.

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The Von Trapp family, made famous by The Sound of Music, lost their fortune in the Great Depression, and the children's singing careers were purely a way to earn a livelihood.

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  1. In the 1880s, a man tried to make a living by jumping off bridges to gain fame and recognition. After he died penniless jumping off a low bridge on a drunken bet, his mother was quoted as saying: "I told him that jumping off bridges was a poor way of earning a living."

  2. The USA dropped thousands of food packages over Afghanistan as a way of trying to earn the goodwill of the local population. Unfortunately they were printed in languages the average Afghan couldn't read, and were the exact color as cluster munitions dropped during the same operation.

  3. Simply wearing a US military uniform in public or falsely claiming to have served is not a violation of The Stolen Valor Act. Only wearing or claiming to have earned certain decorations with the intention of profiting monetarily or in some tangible way is a violation of federal law.

  4. Shirley Temples was a Girl Scout, and earned her patches the same way other girls had to.

  5. In 2009, a farmer in Japan created a 56-leaf clover after 60 years of studying ways to increase the number of leaves on a clover through crossbreeding. It earned the Guinness world record for most leaves found on a clover.

  6. The English Premier League is the tip of a massive pyramid with 500+ leagues and 7,000+ teams, each of whom can theoretically earn their way into the EPL and win the title. Leicester City was part of the third-tier league five years ago.

  7. In 1980 an out-of-work ventriloquist laid claim to all celestial bodies in the milky way and earned millions selling parts of the moon.

  8. When Marty Feldman was asked about his political views, he replied "I'm a socialist from way back but in order to pay my back taxes I have to live in America to earn enough money to pay the back tax I owe to the socialist government that I voted in."

  9. In the original Little Mermaid, the little mermaid doesn't get the prince, but instead gets a chance to earn her way into heaven after refusing to kill the prince.

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During World War II, The Walt Disney Studios contributed to the war effort in a variety of ways without earning a profit. For instance, in addition to creating training and propaganda films, Disney designed more than 1,400 insignia for U.S. military units, at an average cost of $25 each.

In the past six decades, the share of jobs requiring some form of license has soared, going from five percent in the 1950s to around 30 percent today. Put another way: over a quarter of today’s workforce requires government permission to earn a living. - source

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Stealing and selling dogs is, for some, a way to earn quick cash. But it is not without risk. In Vietnam, since 2012, at least 20 dog thieves have been beaten to death by community members fed up with having their beloved pets stolen.

Harry Styles auditioned alongside hundreds of other candidates and earned his way into the movie Dunkirk. Christopher Nolan wasn't aware of his existing "fame" and treated him just like any other normal applicant.

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