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The inventor of the Erector Set also released an "Atomic Energy Laboratory" that included real uranium ore. One suggested activity was to play "hide and seek with the gamma ray source" by using the included Geiger counter to find a radioactive sample hidden in a room.

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The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab Kit was the world’s most dangerous toy,which included three sources of radiation and four uranium ores that are also radioactive. The kit, which first went on sale in 1950, came with an instruction booklet and pamphlet on how to prospect uranium.

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  1. The 1950 toy lab set "Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory" contained uranium ore, polonium, a Geiger counter and a cloud chamber.

  2. Depleted uranium is the less radioactive part of uranium ore from the "enrichment" purification process rather than "used-up" nuclear fuel. It is used in munitions because of its density, self-sharpening and incendiary properties.

  3. Frantisek Zahradka. He was arrested in 1949 in Czechoslovakia when he was in high school for assisting people to cross the border. He spent two years in solitary, and 18 years was forced to mine uranium ore for the government.

  4. Metals such as iron, copper, gold, and even uranium require running water to become concentrated into ore deposits through a process called ore genesis.

  5. Australia's natural resources include coal, iron ore, copper, tin, gold, silver, uranium, nickel, zinc, diamonds and natural gas.

  6. Argentina's natural resources include lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, uranium, petroleum and manganese.

  7. Revigators (ca. mid 20's) were water fonts designed to add the "necessary" radioactivity back into drinking water using a porous interior that contained Uranium ore.

  8. Brazil's natural resources include gold, iron ore, nickel, phosphates, tin, platinum, uranium, petroleum, bauxite, and manganese.

  9. 10 bananas have the same amount of radiation as a handful of raw uranium ore.

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Kids in the 1950's could buy the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab sceince kit, with actual radioactive uranium ore included, for $50

The NICO Clean Tobacco Card, a 1960s card infused with uranium ore designed to go inside a pack of cigarettes that claimed to reduce the nicotine and tar content - source

Only miniscule amounts of technetium occur in the Earth's crust, and these are found in uranium ores.

It is found in uranium ore at a concentration of 0.1 milligrams per metric ton of ore.

The same company that produced Erector sets also made the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, a kids' science kit containing a Geiger counter and samples of uranium ore - source

When were the ural mountains formed?

USPS shipping online bought Radioactive Uranium Ore meanwhile it's prohibited to transport Tobacco, Alcohol, Perfume, Nail Polish and even Batteries.

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In 2017, a Japanese teenager managed to process uranium ores into “yellowcake” (uranium concentrated powder) and sold them online. Other contraband found in his possession included 2.4g of penthrite, a powerful form of explosive.

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