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There is an unaired version of the pilot of "Archer" where he is a raptor. Throughout the entire episode, he has no lines. He just makes raptor noises and it makes no sense.

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Both Mark Hamill and Billy West were in the running to voice Zim, from Invader Zim, with Billy West actually voicing him in the unaired pilot episode.

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  1. The creators of the TV show "Archer" allegedly made an unaired pilot episode with Archer being replaced by a human sized velociraptor.

  2. The pilot episode of "Chopped" on Food Network, which was unaired, was shot in a mansion and according to Ted Allen, the losing dishes of a chopped chef were fed a to a chihuahua who was held by a butler who hosted the show. Food Network found it "a little too weird"

  3. Actor John Posey originally played Danny Tanner in the unaired Full House pilot before being replaced by Bob Saget.

  4. The unaired pilot for the 60s television show "The Munsters", unlike the series that aired, was filmed in color.

  5. There was an unaired and still unreleased pilot of HBO's Game of Thrones

  6. To make up for the money lost each television season on unaired pilots, networks began airing summer programs consisting completely of unsold pilots in 1956. This practice officially ended in the summer of 1989 when the Big Three (ABC, CBC, NBC) started receiving competition from FOX and cable.

  7. Chopped's unaired pilot episode had a butler as a host who held a Chihuahua, and the losing chefs had to feed their dishes to this dog.

  8. John Posey was chosen to play Danny Tanner on the television series Full House and was cast in the unaired pilot; however, he was replaced by Bob Saget for the series premiere.

  9. Composer John Williams also wrote the theme song for the unaired pilot episode of Gilligan's Island.

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The unaired pilot for "The Adventures of Superpup" cast little people "in dog-suits to portray the canine versions of the characters of Superman"

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