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In 2014, black taxi cab drivers brought parts of London to a standstill, protesting against Uber. This led to an 850% increase in downloads of Uber.

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Uber drivers in China changed their profile photos to ghosts and zombie images so that when potential passengers saw these pictures they would cancel the ride they’d just booked, thus earning the driver the cancellation fee.

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  1. Uber paid hackers $100,000 to cover up a data breach affecting 57 million customers and drivers

  2. An Uber Driver asked his Passenger to drive while on a 300 mile route so he could take a nap. He awoke to them being chased by the police.

  3. Uber is illegal in Finland. Cops regularly "catch" drivers, and fine them €300. Drivers routinely ask passengers to sit up front and act like they're friends.

  4. London Cab drivers protested Uber by bringing gridlock across central London. Bringing nearly 1000% increase to app installations and caused a stark decease in Black cabs uses hastening their decline.

  5. Uber's operation SLOG to undermine Lyft that included trying to recruit Lyft drivers and calling, then cancelling over 5000 rides on the Lyft app.

  6. There is a fixed set of taxi drivers in New York, and it costed over 1 million dollars to buy a license as recent as 2014. Thanks to companies like uber however these licenses currently cost under $200,000 each.

  7. An Uber driver sued Snapchat, alleging that the teen who crashed into him at 107 mph was using Snapchat's speed filter while driving.

  8. Most Uber drivers make less than $11/hour

  9. Tostitos made a promotional bag for the Superbowl that had sensors to detect alcohol on a person's breath. If alcohol was detected the bag gave a 10% discount for Uber, and also had a NFC tag to call the driver.

  10. Uber stated the median driver in New York City was making $90,000 a year when in reality they were actually making around $38,000.

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Google timeline of two years as an Uber driver in Southern California

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There is a UBERhealth pilot program in the US, where Uber drivers take registered nurses around to deliver free flu shots

Uber drivers will occasionally notify the police when they drop off/observe lots of (US) teens with alcohol going into a party - source

The guy who started Kayak and built it to a $2 billion company later became an Uber driver with a $100k Tesla S P85D in Boston (for research and for fun, but still) - source

A guy got $50,000 in credit from Uber by spamming Reddit. His credits were canceled and his account was flagged after he gave one driver a one-star review.

The AOL "You've got mail" guy is now an Uber driver. - source

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An electrician in Perth, Western Australia, who tricked his employer by blocking GPS signals with a makeshift Faraday Cage, got fired and now works as an Uber driver

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Uber drivers rate their passengers and you can find out your passenger rating by simply e-mailing Uber.

UBER drivers are frequently lured & attacked by metered cab drivers in Malaysia

The first driver for Uber became CEO of the company for a short period of time in the early days of the business.

Uber drivers rate their passengers the same way you rate your driver. When you order an uber, the drivers around you see your rating and may refuse to serve you if it is too low.

Uber ran a coordinated campaign against Lyft called Operation SLOG than involved requesting, then canceling over 5000 rides as well as direct recruitment of Lyft drivers on rides.

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Uber drivers get paid by the mile, not by the trip

Nick Franklin of the Tampa Bay Rays, aplayer who has made $3 million in his career, spends his offseasons as an Uber driver and has a 4.8 rating

London Taxi Drivers "cabbies" have to memorize all the streets and don't use Uber or Waze

AOL’s “You’ve got mail” guy is now a driver for Uber. Elwood Edwards recorded the famous snippet way back in 1989.

Elwood Edwards, the voice behind AOL's "You've Got Mail" & "Welcome" was only paid $200 for his voice; he did it as a favor when his wife worked for AOL during it's infancy in 1989. Edwards is currently an UBER driver.

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Vehicle flips and hits Uber driver (my friend is driving the Uber with the dashcam)

If you drive a Crown Victoria you can't be a driver for Uber.

Uber drivers make as low as $.06 per mile (~$2hr) factoring in total costs in LA.

Through an Angry Uber Driver and overemotional passengers... Human beings don't know how to be thankful..

Uber drivers don't get to keep tips given through the app and should be tipped with cash

Deadmau5 was an Uber taxi driver for a night in Toronto.

Uber drivers also give you a rating, and you can find out your average rating

Uber Drivers in NYC and SF make between $75,000-$90,000 Annually.

Uber drivers rate their passengers the same way you rate your driver. When you order an uber, the drivers around you see your rating and may refuse to serve you if it is too low.

Uber drivers may not be covered by insurance (neither their personal nor Uber provided) in some situations.

Elwood Edwards, the voice behind AOL's "You've got Mail" greeting, is semi-retired and works as an Uber driver.

Lyft, Sidecar, Uber etc. drivers were cited and arrested for picking up people at the airport in 2013

Uber drivers rate their passengers and you can easily check your rating.

There's a guy named Uber in Brazil... and he's a taxi driver

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