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Tryptophan in turkey isn’t what makes us tired after Thanksgiving dinner, it’s the overeating of carbohydrates. Turkey contains no more tryptophan than chicken or beef, and nuts and cheeses actually contain more.

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An amino acid found in protein rich foods called Tryptophan is converted into serotonin and can help lessen symptoms of withdrawal in addicts. Addicts can literally be aided in recovery with cold turkey.

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  1. It is not the Tryptophan in Turkey that makes us tired after a Thanksgiving feast but that the culprits are most likely excess carbs and alcohol.

  2. Bacon has almost 2x more tryptophan than turkey

  3. Chicken actually has more tryptophan per serving than turkey.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, turkey doesn't contain high amounts of tryptophan compared to other foods. Egg whites contain the most

  5. After eating turkey, it's not the tryptophan that makes you tired; it's the carbohydrate-rich meal.

  6. The Tryptophan in turkey is not what makes you tired after you eat your Thanksgiving Dinner.

  7. Turkey does not have a special side effect of making you sleepy. It contains just as much tryptophan as other meats.

  8. It is not the tryptophan in turkey (or turkey at all! ) that caused you to feel sleepy after a thanksgiving meal, it is actually due to all the carbs (mashed potatoes, sweet candied yam, stuffings, dinner rolls, pumpkin pies, etc) that we eat!

  9. Turkey Doesn't Actually make People Sleepy. In fact, Cheddar Cheese has more Tryptophan, gram for gram, than Turkey has.

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