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The 100 richest people on earth have an accumulated wealth of 2.09 trillion USD. If they were a country, it would be the 13th richest country on the globe, just beneath Italy and above South Korea.

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In 1961, one giga FLOPS would have theoretically cost $8.3 trillion USD (adjusted to inflation) whereas today one giga FLOPS costs 8 cents.

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  1. Marcus Licinius Crassus, a Roman statesman, possessed an estimated wealth of two trillion USD, which is greater than the total GDP of Russia

  2. The largest building with completed construction plans is a 10,000m (33,000 ft) tower that would cost 16 trillion USD to construct with a 100-150 year construction time, but it can house 30 million people.

  3. Germany experienced such massive inflation after World War 1 that by 1923, $1 USD was equivalent to 4.2 trillion Marks

  4. Zimbabwe used to have a 100-trillion-dollar bill that was equal to just $0.40 USD.

  5. If you were to convert the $341 billion 1945 dollars that America spent on WWII, it would cost $4.5 trillion USD in 2015 dollars.

  6. The 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note is worth more as a collector’s item (sells around 25-35 USD) than its nominal worth (around 5 USD)

  7. Over 15 years of production and over 1 trillion USD of taxpayer money spent, the "F-35 Lighting II" fifth generation fighter is widely accepted as the most expensive and worst project failure in the history of the U.S. Military.

  8. The proposed Pacific Union. Which would see Australia, New Zealand and many Island States in the South Pacific organised much the same way as the EU, promoting economic integration and the liberalisation of trade. This Union would create a $1.689 trillion USD GDP (roughly the same as India's)

  9. The United States is Planning to Modernize Its Fleet of Nuclear Weapons Capabilities at a Cost of $1 Trillion USD over 30 years.

  10. Within the next 30 years in Japan, there is a 70-80% chance of a mega earthquake happening which will likely cause over 170 trillion yen (1.5 trillion USD) in damages

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trillion usd fact data chart about World GDP (Trillions of USD) Source: World Bank
World GDP (Trillions of USD) Source: World Bank

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The Mississippi Company, who was worth 300 million British Pounds in 1720 (6 Trillion USD in 2012) collapsed after its shares were declared worthless by the French Government.

Norway, a country of 5 million people, has a sovereign wealth fund worth over $1 trillion USD and owns about 1.5% of all the world's stocks - source

Nafta is linked to $20.08 trillion USD. thats greater than the whole european union economic output of the 28 countries. - source

The USA considered minting a commemorative platinum coin valued at $1 trillion USD - source

When did apple reach 1 trillion dollars?

Jeff Bezos will reach a net worth of $1 Trillion USD by his 63rd birthday if his current assests/liabilities avoid major fluctuation.

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According to IMF data, China is the only country to have reached 20 trillion USD GDP by 2016 while US & India are estimated to reach the same by 2018 & 2022 respectively

Japan has the highest debt to GDP ratio in the world - with a debt of $10 trillion USD, it's more than twice the nation's GDP

Zimbabwe once had a 100 trillion dollar bill worth 40 cents USD

Apple's market cap is closing in on $1 Trillion USD. If you had a trillion dollars, you could literally buy every single NFL, NBA and MLS team, Ford, NASA AND 100,000 Teslas and still have $$$ leftover. But you couldn't buy Apple

The Milliard Bilpengö (circa 1946) is the highest denomination note ever printed (world record) since it was equal to a Billion Trillion Pengö. Unfortunately, at the end of the inflation, it was only worth about twelve cents USD. At height of inflation, prices were rising at 150,000% PER DAY.

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