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A brick has tightly packed atoms and molecules with a lot of mass, making it high density and heavy. In comparison Styrofoam has loosely packed atoms (and lots of air and holes), and not much mass so it is low density and light.

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If you were caught in the rain in the Amazon you would have about 10 minutes to find your umbrella. The trees are so tightly packed that it can take 10 minutes for the rain to reach the ground below.

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  1. Flower head of feverfew consists of creamy white, petal-like ray florets on the periphery and yellow, tightly packed, disk florets in the middle. Flowers contain both types of reproductive organs and they are able to perform self-pollination.

  2. Onion develops root, bulb and green leaves. Bulb is edible part of the onion and it consists of tightly packed leaves. Outer leaves are dry and firm. They protect inner, moist and soft leaves.

  3. Coreopsis develops flower heads that consist of petal-like, ray florets on the periphery and disk florets that are tightly packed in the center of the flower head. Ray florets can be white, pale yellow, golden yellow or orange colored. Disk florets are usually yellow in color.

  4. An object's density is determined by the lass of the molecules and how tight the atoms are packed together.

  5. Because of the way the sunlight hits the tightly packed glacial ice at Glacier Bay, the glacier surfaces often look blue.

  6. Frederic Tudor, known as "The Ice King," singlehandedly popularized ice consumption around the world in the 19th century by shipping it to warm climates on boats packed tightly in hay.

  7. Conditions on the ships transporting the African slaves were horrible. It was hard to breathe because they were packed in so tight. They were often chained to each other to avoid problems of rebellion.

  8. The Jain unit of measurement "Palyopama" which is defined as the length of time it would take to empty a pit 8x8x8 miles tightly packed full of the hair of seven-day old babies if you were to remove 1/8th of each hair once every 100 years.

  9. The church next to the American embassy in Soviet Moscow was believed so tightly packed with listening spy equipment that the Americans called it the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Reception.

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What type of tissue has cells that are tightly packed?

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