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Thomas-Alexandre Dumas the father of novelist Alexandre Dumas. Was a general in Revolutionary France and the highest-ranking person of color of all time in a European army. He was the first person of color in the French military to become general-in-chief of a French army

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Alexandre Dumas (Author of The Three Musketeers, etc.) was the son of Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, hero of the French Wars of Revolution and the highest ranking officer of African descent ever to serve in a European army

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  1. Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, one of Napoleon's generals, was the highest ranking officer of African descent in the Western World until 1975. Also, Alexandre Dumas' father.

  2. The highest ranking black man of any army in Europe was General in Chief Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, who was also the father of The Three Musketeers author Alexandre Dumas.

  3. The highest ranking non-white person ever in a European army was Divisional General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the father of writer Alexandre Dumas. No member of an ethnic minority has ranked higher in Europe in the 200+ years since.

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