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According to Taika Waititi, 80% of the dialogue in Thor: Ragnarok was improvised, in order to create a "very loose and collaborate mood" among the cast an attempt to replicate the tone and sensibility from his previous films.

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Stu Rutherford, the IT guy who got roped into playing the character Stu in "What We Do in the Shadows," went on to invent special lightning technology that Taika Waititi used in the flashback scenes in "Thor: Ragnarok"

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  1. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi wrote the initial script for Disney's 'Moana' focusing more on Moana’s family relationships and adding irreverent, “very Pacific humour”. All that remains of his original script is “EXT: OCEAN – DAY”, jokes Waititi, but he felt the final product was “good”.

  2. Taika Waititi, director of Thor Ragnorok, wrote the first draft of Moana

  3. It usually takes just about 25-35 days to shoot a film for Taika Waititi (director of Thor: Ragnarok)

  4. Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was doing nothing while filming for Green Lantern, so he went to his hotel room and stood there all night, saying he would buy everything he saw on TV that night, eventually buying a "shake weight". He went to add a shake weight as an easter egg on Ragnarok

  5. The Director of Thor Ragnorak, Taika Waititi, also did a TED Talk on Creativity

  6. Jeremy Renner sings. And Taika Waititi will wear a hot dog suit.

  7. Taika Waititi was in Green Lantern movie

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