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The man who invented the Super Soaker and the Nerf gun, invested his fortune in R&D and has created ceramic solid state batteries with 3 times the power of the best lithium-ion batteries

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The inventor of the Super Soaker water gun was a NASA scientist who helped develop the Stealth Bomber and the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

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  1. Nerf (Hasbro) bought the super soaker brand and no longer make air pressurized water blasters anymore, just pump action types

  2. Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker water gun, also worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab with the nuclear power source for the Galileo mission to Jupiter.

  3. The Super Soaker water gun was invented by a NASA engineer by accident

  4. Dutch protesters filled super soakers with magic mushroom spores and sprayed them on government lawns to protestthe looming ban in 2008

  5. African-American inventor Lonnie Johnson, a former NASA and U.S. Air Force engineer, invented and patented the Super Soaker. He used his fortune to start his own company, which is currently developing a high-efficiency heat engine for solar power generation.

  6. It was a NASA scientist that invented the Super Soaker squirt gun.

  7. Lonnie Johnson, the man who invented the Super Soaker, also worked for NASA and helped develop the Stealth Bomber.

  8. Super Soaker was bought by Nerf and no longer produces high water pressure guns.

  9. Lonnie Johnson, the inventor of the Super Soaker also helped develop the stealth bomber program, worked on NASA's Galileo mission to Jupiter, and currently is working on turning thermal energy into electricity.

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The Super Soaker was invented in Alabama by a NASA engineer.

The Super Soaker was accidentally invented by an aerospace engineer trying to invent a refrigeration system that ran on water instead of Freon. - source

The Super Soaker was invented by a NASA scientist - source

The Super Soaker was invented by Dr. Lonnie Johnson after shooting a powerful stream of water in his bathroom while performing experiments for a new type of refrigeration system

The Super Soaker brand was popularized in the 1990s by Michael Jackson, who cited it as one of his favorite toys. - source

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The inventor of the Super Soaker was a NASA engineer.

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The inventor of the iconic Super Soaker is a super smart scientist that has worked with NASA and the US Military on top secret projects.

A NASA Genius Invented the Super Soaker and Over 100 Other Inventions

The super soaker has been one of the top 20 best selling toys every year since its creation.

The Inventor of the Super Soaker Helped Develop the Stealth Bomber Program and Later Worked on NASA's Galileo Mission to Jupiter.

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