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People who survived suicide attempts by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge often regret their decision in midair, if not before. Said one survivor: “I instantly realized that everything in my life that I’d thought was unfixable was totally fixable—except for having just jumped.”

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When a missionary told the Amazonian Piraha tribe the story of his aunt's suicide, they laughed. No one in their tribe had ever committed suicide and they had no concept of it, so they thought it was a joke.

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  1. During the Normandy Allied Invasion Bill Millin, a Scottish Piper, played his bagpipes as he walked the beach while the carnage erupted around him. He later asked captured German prisoners why they hadn't shot at him. They said they thought he was on a suicide mission and was clearly mad.

  2. There is a jellyfish whose sting will leave you with and "Inpending sense of doom" and suicidal thought lasting up to two weeks

  3. The autopsy of Robbin Williams revealed he had Lewi body dementia, which is thought to have been "the critical factor" that led to his suicide; not depression. Neither drugs nor alcohol was found in his blood. RIP.

  4. Suicide rates and the amount media reports on suicide have a positive association; however, if media reports on positive coping with suicidal thoughts, it has protective effects

  5. Feeling that "Star Trek: Nemesis" would finally be his big break, Tom Hardy took his role very seriously. When it failed commercially and with fans, he spent the next several years battling alcohol and suicidal thoughts.

  6. Lack of connection is a key reason why people have suicidal thoughts; isolation contributes to and escalates their pain.

  7. Blue 'anti-suicide' LED lights are installed on Tokyo train platforms in an effort to reduce railway suicides. They are thought to have a calming effect and research found an 84% decrease in suicides at stations with the blue lights installed

  8. Cuexcomate, near Puebla, Mexico, was thought to be the world’s smallest volcano at just 43ft tall, but was later found to be an empty cone of an extinct geyser. The Pueblans threw bodies of suicide victims into it & believed that if you lived around it, you were ‘under the rule of the devil.’

  9. Sleep problems have been shown to make suicidal thoughts worse for young adults who have either previously attempted suicide or considered doing so. These findings highlight the potential utility of sleep as a proposed biomarker of suicide risk and a therapeutic target.

  10. Jon Voight abandoned Angelina Jolie as a child, and she suffered from self harm, suicidal thoughts, bullying, drug addiction, and even attempted to hire a hitman to kill her before she was admitted to a psychiatric ward.

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Wednesday's are particularly difficult with my depression, suicidal thoughts really sap productivity

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About Green Light teams. US cold war teams that, in the event of invasion, would infiltrate soviet lines with a nuclear bomb strapped to their back. They would arm the device and try to get away before it went off... but it was thought to be suicide

There has been a surge in suicide rates among middle-age men since the 2000's, thought to be because of increased cases of loneliness and social isolation. - source

On Tokyo train platforms where blue lights were installed, stations saw an 84 percent decline in the number of suicide attempts compared to those without blue lights. The blue light is thought to have a calming effect on one’s mood. - source

54% of gay men in the U.S. suffer from suicidal thoughts.

A female pilot was sent on a suicide mission on 9/11 against a plane she thought her Dad was piloting. - source

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Adolf Hitler thought women were attracted to him so he didn"t marry until moments before his suicide. The German public were not aware of Hitler's relationship with Eva Brown until WWII ended and they had both committed suicide.

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If you tell Siri about anything unfortunate like a cheating spouse, losing your job or suicidal thoughts; she's automatically programmed to provide you the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Black Metal band Mayhem, whose vocalist, "Dead", literally thought he was dead. After Dead's suicide, their guitarist "Euronymous", a church burner, made necklaces out of Dead's skull, and featured a picture of his corpse on an album cover. Euronymous was murdered by the band's bassist.

There is a Crisis Text Line available 24/7 in the US and in some other countries. You just text “hello” to 741741. Think suicide hotline except not just for suicidal thoughts and by text.

There is a free, 24/7 Crisis Line that you can TEXT to talk to someone about depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, suicidal thoughts, and more. [US: 741741 - UK: 85258 - Canada: 686868]

Almost 20% of Veterinarians have suicidal thoughts

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In the 1600's at the Château de Chantilly, the man overseeing an extravagant fete for the king committed suicide because he thought the fish might be served late.

J.K. Rowling used many parts of her own life as inspiration for the Harry Potter series. Her battles with depression and suicidal thoughts inspired the soul-sucking Dementors.

According to legend the Polynesian warrior-king Isokelekel thought he was becoming too old and decided to commit suicide - by tying his penis to a bent tree and letting go, ripping off his penis and bleeding him to death

Adults with Aspergers and High Functioning Autism are 10 times more likely than the general population to be suicidal, with 66% reporting suicidal thoughts and 35% reporting plans or previous suicide attempts.

There's a difference between passive and active suicidal ideation. Passive are thoughts like "I wish I wasn't born" differ from active thoughts like" if I take all these pills I can sleep and never wake up" Active is very dangerous and anyone having these should seek immediate help

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Socrates (ca. 470-399 BC) was an Athenian who influenced not just philosophers from Classical Greece, but thinkers until the present. He was forced to commit suicided by the leaders of Athens for corrupting the youth. Since he never wrote any of his thoughts, his ideas are known today through his students.

In 1910 people thought that Hailey's comet was going to cause a mass extinction due to the materials that are present in the tail or the comet. It led 1 man to suicide.

Director Ruggero Deodato was arrested on murder charges after depictions of killing scenes in Cannibal Holocaust looked too real. It was thought to be a Snuff film, a movie where actors are actually killed or commit suicide.

Male suicide is 1.8x higher than their counterparts, despite females likely to have more attempts and suicidal thoughts

Charles Darwin suffered from debilitating anxiety and suicidal thoughts

Bradley Cooper had tough early years in the show business and considered leaving it when his role in Season 2 of “Alias” was minuscule. His substance addiction and career doubts triggered suicidal thoughts. He stopped drinking alcohol since 2004, saying that alcohol would’ve ruined his life.

Even thought men are three times more likely to commit suicide, women make up for more cases of assisted suicide (Switzerland)

A possible side effect of Lasik eye surgery is depression and suicidal thoughts

Actor De'Angelo Wilson - who play DJ Iz in the movie 8 Mile - committed suicide by hanging because he thought his acting career was failing.

The actor who played Jar Jar Binks thought about committing suicide after the backlash he received from his audience. He was truly depressed and now I feel horrible...

about suicide. And how that is NOT an Option. NEVER an option. JokerFace Ent. produced this epic one minute video empowering the thought.

American pilot Colin Kelly was thought to be the first suicide pilot in US, and was heralded for his bravery, until Japanese Kamikaze attack started.

Suicide is forbidden in Shia Islam, while in real world all suicide bombers within the Islamic world come from the Sunni school of thought, not the Shia one.

A "suicide door" is a reverse-hinged door that was thought to be dangerous because, if opened accidentally in a moving car, would be flung wide open, allowing passengers to fall out. Automakers now are trying to talk about these doors without using the term "suicide".

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