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The Titanic had a much more successful sister ship called the "Olympic". It was the only merchant ship to sink an enemy warship during World War I, after it turned around and rammed a submarine that had tried to torpedo it. The sub sank after it was gashed open by one of the Olympic's propellers

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Vasili Arkhipov, a senior officer on a Soviet submarine, refused to launch a nuclear torpedo in October 1962 perhaps preventing WWIII

What is the name of the submarine that sank the lusitania?

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  1. A WWI submarine U-28 sunk after it was struck by an automobile which flew off a cargo ship it had just torpedoed

  2. A Russian man named Vasili Arkhipov prevented WWIII after refusing his captain’s orders to launch nuclear torpedoes at US Navy battleships during the Cuban Missile Crisis. 2 out of the 3 officers on board the submarine wanted fire the missile, however a unanimous decision was required.

  3. *Kursk*, a Russian submarine that sank in August of 2000 due to an accident involving poorly maintained torpedoes. None of the crew survived due to old, poorly maintained Russian rescue equipment and the Russian Navy's refusal to accept Western aid.

  4. During the Falklands war, the British Navy mistook whales for submarines and torpedoed them

  5. The record for passengers on a ship was set in WW2 by the Queen Mary: 16,082. The ocean liner was so fast it often sailed without escort and could outrun both submarines and torpedoes

  6. In 1974 Howard Hughes helped the CIA raise part of a sunken Soviet submarine from a depth of 16,000 feet - all without the Soviets knowing. They recovered two nuclear torpedoes, documents, and the remains of 6 sailors - who they respectfully buried at sea.

  7. In 1982 the British navy mistook three whales for enemy submarines in the Falkland War and killed them with torpedos and an attack helicopter

  8. In 1962 Soviet Senior Officer Vasili Arkhipov convinced his captain not to launch a nuclear torpedo on the US after the submarine they were on was rocked by US depth charges, therefore single handedly stopping nuclear war.

  9. The SS Tullibee, US WWII submarine that sunk itself when the torpedo it fired made a full circle and came back around to strike the submarine. There was 1 survivor.

  10. The largest loss of life at sea occurred in WW2 when a Soviet submarine torpedoed a cruise-liner filled with 10,000 Germans fleeing the Red Army. Only 1,000 people survived.

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Approximately three German submarines in WWII were thought to have torpedoed themselves when their torpedoes missed their original target, and using their acoustic seeking capabilities, circled back around to strike their originating submarine.

In the military submarines are used for protecting aircraft carriers on the surface of the water, attacking other submarines and watercraft, as supply vessels for other subs, launching torpedoes and missiles at land and sea targets, and for providing surveillance and protection from would-be attackers.

The US Navy submarine credited with sinking the most ships ended up sinking by being struck by its own torpedo. - source

Torpedoes, which are an important weapon used by submarines, were developed in the 19th century.

About Vasili Arkhipov, who was said to have saved the world from nuclear war by not giving his required approval to launch a nuclear torpedo when their submarine was feared to have been spotted by Americans when they were sent to Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis. - source

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A stray torpedo launched from the USS Bowfin submarine hit a dock and managed to sink a bus

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When the USS Scorpion submarine sank in 1968, it was carrying two nuclear torpedoes, which are sitting on the Atlantic seafloor to this day.

HMS Venturer is the only submarine to have ever torpedoed and sunk another submarine when both have been fully submerged

During WWII a US submarine accidentally torpedoed itself. While attacking a large Japanese convoy, the USS Tang fired it's last torpedo at a transport ship, but the torpedo went wild, circled back, and hit the Tang near the aft torpedo room, sinking her.

Japan had submarine aircraft carriers during WW2, the largest ever made with a capacity of 3 torpedo bombers

In WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy used Kaiten submarines, which were the torpedo equivalent to kamikaze pilots. Kaiten subs were manned torpedoes that would engage in suicide attacks on enemy ships.

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A single soviet officer, Vasili Arkhipov, prevented World War Three from erupting by voting not to launch a nuclear torpedo from a B-59 submarine which believed it was being attacked, during the Cuban missile crisis.

The Seeteufel (Sea Devil): A German attempt in 1944 to combine a tank with a submarine. Originally intended for commando raids, it could carry sea mines or torpedoes for sea combat and machine guns and flame throwers for combat on land. One prototype was built before the project was cancelled

On Aug 24, 1944, the Nazis had planned to blow up the entirety of Paris before the Allied forces arrived. Plans included strapping four submarine torpedoes to each leg of the Eiffel Tower.

About German submarine U-132. It torpedoed an Allied munitions ship, but the resulting explosion was was so powerful that it sank both ships.

The Fenian Ram. One of the first torpedo equipped submarines, the IRB commissioned it to harass British shipping. When they found they couldn't afford it, they stole it from its inventor, only to find nobody but him could pilot it and he was, understandably, unwilling to train them.

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Over 10,000 german refugees died (including 5000 children) on the ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff in the year 1945 in WW2. They were evacuating Germany as the Red Army approached, but were sunk by three torpedoes from a Soviet submarine.

About the USS Scorpion, a nuclear submarine that mysteriously sank with two nuclear torpedoes aboard, submerging a combined yield of 22 kilotons of explosive power, and its location remains unknown to this day..

In 1942, a Soviet submarine torpedoed a Romaian ship killing 781 Jews during WWII. The lone survivor of the Struma disaster, David Stoliar, lived to 91 and died in 2014.

An abandoned building standing on water near Gdansk, Poland was a Torpedo research facility known as Torpedownia or Kriegsmarine Submarine Arms Research Centre (during WWII)

In WWII the submarine USS Tang was sunk when struck by its own torpedo

The first submarine in history to fire a torpedo while submerged under water belonged to the Ottoman Empire

The 1st submarine and earliest torpedo was an American invention/weapon employed (but failed) against the British Royal Navy in the Revolutionary War during the seige of New York Harbor.

The Status-6 Ocean Multipurpose System, a robotic submarine carrying a long-range 100 megaton nuclear torpedo meant to detonate underwater thus creating a 500m radioactive wave that could deem large swaths of the U.S. coast uninhabitable.

Only once has a nuclear-powered submarine engaged an enemy ship with torpedoes. It happened during the Falklands war, 1982

A Russian naval officer named Vasili Arkhipov single-handedly prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo during the Cuban missile crisis. He convinced the captain of his submarine not to launch and almost certainly averted a nuclear war.

~9,400 people (of which almost 5,000 were children) lost their lives in the worst-ever maritime disaster in history. A Soviet submarine torpedoed a German ship, carrying Nazi soldiers and civilians escaping the advancing Red Army.

The decision not to start world war three was not taken in the Kremlin or the White House, but in the sweltering control room of a submarine. The launch of the B-59's nuclear torpedo required the consent of all three senior officers aboard. Arkhipov was alone in refusing permission.

Soviet submarine B-59 almost launched a nuclear tipped torpedo at an American naval fleet. Thinking they were under attack, the political officer ordered the missile launch. Vesalius Arkhipov, told everyone to calm down, rise to the surface & await orders. Ultimately avoiding nuclear Armageddon.

In 1962, a nuclear armed Soviet submarine was hit by a small US depth charge signaling it to surface. In retaliation the submarine prepared to launch a nuclear torpedo. 2 out of the 3 commander's authorized the launch, but the third refused. Probably saving the world.

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