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The US has a 200 year-old pending Amendment which would strip citizenship from any citizen who accepts a title of nobility from a foreign country.

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There is an ongoing genocide in the country of Burma in which 140,000 native Rohingya people are stripped of citizenship and forced into concentration camps

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  1. The Freedmen. The Cherokee had black slaves. In 1866 they signed a treaty that freed them and granted them and their descendants, tribal citizenship after Emancipation. The Nation has ostracized them and is trying to strip them of tribal citizenship largely due to their darker complexion.

  2. There is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that has been pending ratification since 1810. It would strip the citizenship from any American who accepts a title of nobility from another country.

  3. There is a pending amendment to the US Constitution that would strip the citizenship of any citizen who accepted a title of nobility from a foreign country.

  4. Stanislaw Maczek, commander of the 1st Polish Armored Division in World War II. He led it to help liberate France and the Netherlands. After the war he was stripped of citizenship by Communist Poland, denied a pension from Allied states, and worked as a bartender in Edinburgh until the 1960s.

  5. The German-Jews were stripped of their citizenship.

  6. If a naturalized USA citizen joins a Communist party within five years of naturalization, they will stripped of citizenship.

  7. Americans who came over to the UK to fight in WW2, before the US entered the conflict, were stripped of their citizenship. Some were also held in Irish internment camps along with axis and allied internees.

  8. Following WW2 thousands of Germans were imprisoned in concentration camps by Communist forces as revenge for the actions of the Nazis. Many more were stripped of their property, status and citizenship and expelled from their homes.

  9. Until 1967 Americans could be stripped of US citizenship for voting in foreign elections

  10. The grandfather of a current US politician moved from Germany to the US prior to the age of mandatory military conscription. After 15 years in the US, he tried to move back but was stripped of his Germany citizenship and was forced to move back to the US permanently.

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In 2010 the Dominican republic stripped citizenship for 210,000 people of Haitian descent that were born in the country since 1929, leaving them effectively stateless.

Donald Trump's grandfather of Bavaria, Germany emigrated to America to escape military service, and was stripped of his citizenship and expelled under a retroactive law, forcing the family to remain in America. - source

Helene Mayer, a Jewish fencer who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as the "token jew" to appease the international community. She won silver and performed the Nazi salute, despite having most of her citizenship rights stripped by the regime. - source

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