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When he was a child, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's parents bribed him into doing commercials with the promise that he would be able to buy anything he wanted with his earnings. His purchase of choice was his very own 'Street Fighter 2' arcade machine.

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Street Fighter II cost $69.99 in 1992; in 2013 dollars, that is $116.18

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  1. Between 1991 to 1995, Street fighter 2 arcade machines took an estimated $2.312 billion in revenue. Adjusted for inflation that is $4.15 billion in modern money.

  2. During the Development of Street Fighter II, one of the game’s designer, Yoshiki Okamoto, originally wanted Chun-Li's health bar to be shorter than the other fighters' because "women are not as strong."

  3. Sagat from Street Fighter II was based on a real guy. He won fights around the world with his "Tiger Uppercut" punch.

  4. Capcom made a Street Fighter video game based on the animated movie. In other words, they made a video game based on a movie that was based on a video game.

  5. The "Sheng Long Hidden Character" in Street Fighter II was a Mistranslation Myth

  6. In 2015 the YouPorn's eSports Team's players were barred from wearing their team's uniform at a major Street Fighter tournament on the ground that the event would be 'watched and attended by many minors'

  7. The original Street Fighter 1 arcade games had rubber pads that players punched. They were removed from the market when people injured themselves.

  8. ESPNU had once re-branded themselves as ESPN8: The Ocho, showcasing obscure sports such as EVO Street Fighter and Trampoline Dodgeball.

  9. The video-game "Street Fighter: The Movie" is the only video-game where you can play as Australian pop performer Kylie Minogue.

  10. In 1992, the White House installed a Street Fighter II arcade machine. It was replaced with Dance Dance Revolution this year.

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The voice of the Disney Princess Mulan was the actress who played Chun-Li in the absolutely terribly reviewed Street Fighter movie in 1994.

When Street Fighter was created, the boxer character was modeled after Mike Tyson and named M. Bison (M stood for Mike). Concerned about legal issues, Capcom changed the final boss’s name from Vega to M. Bison, changed the cagefighter’s name from Balrog to Vega, and the boxer’s name to Balrog. - source

Raúl Juliá, knowing that he was dying from stomach cancer, let his kids choose from a set of scripts what would undoubtedly be his final film, as a gift to them. They chose Street Fighter - and the film is dedicated in his honour. - source

The Street Fighter character Sagat was eponymously based on a real life Muay Thai champion

Bryan Cranston voiced the character of Fei Long in the 1994 Japanese version of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie - source

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Famously All-American Guile from Street Fighter lifted his iconic flattop hairdo from the character Rudol von Strowheim from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, who was a Nazi

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Before he would become known for his messages of peace and love, Bob Marley was a formidable street fighter

The Street Fighter Movie received a G rating after being edited to bring down the original R rating. The studio added one curse word to bring it to a PG-13.

When filming Street Fighter Jean Claude Van Damme had a 10 gram per day or $10,000 per week cocaine habit.

Hadouken, a special attack from Capcom's Street Fighter series, means "wave motion fist" in Japanese.

The Street Fighter character M. Bison was originally a black boxer named Mike Bison. To avoid a potential lawsuit, the boxer was renamed Balrog and the final boss took the name M. Bison.

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There's a tabletop RPG based on Street Fighter

Rapper Lupe Fiasco is also a competitive Street Fighter 5 player (first seen at 0:16 then throughout)

The Muscadins, "mobs of young men, relatively well-off and dressed in a dandyish manner;" Parisian street fighters who suppressed the remnants of the Reign of Terror.

The Street Fighter's Russian grappler, Zangief, was originally going to be named Vodka Gobalsky

The “combo” system in Street Fighter II came about by accident while the CAPCOM developers made a bug check during the “car” bonus stage. They orig decided to leave it as a hidden feature as it was hard to catch, but then adjusted the timing and further developed it into a real feature.

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Daigo Umehara won Evolution's 2004 Street Fighter semi-finals in spectacular fashion, defeating his opponent with only a sliver of health remaining. He used Street Fighter's 'parry' technique to beat his opponent, who had full health at the time. This battle was dubbed 'EVO 2004 Moment #37'

In the original Japanese release of Street Fighter 2, M. Bison was the name of the boxing character (Balrog), not the dictator. The M is short for Mike and it was a reference to Mike Tyson. In Japan, the dictator is Vega, boxer is Bison, and claw fighter is Balrog.

During the development of Street Fighter II, one of the game's designers, Yoshiko Okamoto, originally wanted Chun Li's health bar to be shorter than the other fighters' because "women are not as strong"

The best street fighter II player of the 90's disappeared from competitive gaming after winning it all in a 1994 tournament

The character Char Aznable from Gundam became such an icon in Japan that characters across other Gundam series and even other franchises were modeled after him. Popular "Char Clones" include Zero from Megaman X and Ken from Street Fighter

The original Street Fighter arcade game had 2 pressure sensitive action buttons

There is a World Video Game Hall of Fame, founded in 2015, intended to highlight the video games that have made an impact on the world. The criteria is fourfold: Icon Status, Longevity, Geographical Reach and Influence. Donkey Kong, Halo, Pokémon, Street Fighter II were inducted yesterday.

You Can't Defeat Sheng Long in Street Fighter II!

The latest Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games run on the same game engine

Bryan Cranston was the English voice actor for Fei Long in "Street fighter II: The animated movie"

An Human Killing Machine: an alternate sequel of the Street Fighter series

In Japan, Street Fighter's Vega is known as Balrog, Balrog is known as M. Bison and M. Bison is known as Vega.

There is a Rainbow Edition of Street Fighter II

Orignally in Japan, Street Fighter character Balrog is named M. Bison (like Mike Tyson), M. Bison is named Vega, and Vega is named Balrog. The reason for the name switch was fear of lawsuits related to Mike Tyson's rape accusations at the time.

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