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November 18 is Micky Mouse's birthday. Steamboat Willie was released in 1928 and is considered by Disney to be his official birthday.

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Steamboat Willie might be public domain - and Disney threatened to sue a student confirming so.

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  1. The Fleischer brothers released sound cartoons before Disney's 'Steamboat Willie.'

  2. Steamboat Willie wasn't Mickey Mouse his first appearance. His first short was Plane Crazy, a 1928 silent film that failed to find a distributor after a test screening. When later that year Steamboat Willie turned out a succes they added music to Plane Crazy and released it in 1929.

  3. Paul Terry released the talkie cartoon 'Dinner Time' on Oct 14, 1928, a month before Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willie", which got all the credit

  4. In Saving Private Ryan, the captured German Soldier from the Radio Tower scene is named Steamboat Willie

  5. The copyrights to Micky Mouse and Steamboat Willie will expire in less than five years, meaning the character will fall into the public domain instead of Disney ownership.

  6. "Steamboat Willie" - the debut cartoon of Mickey Mouse - premiered as the short shown before a film called "Gang War," a love story about the turf war between two "ruthless gangs."

  7. Steamboat Willie" was NOT the first Mickey cartoon. "Plane Crazy" was. It was animated in complete secrecy by Ub Ewerks

  8. The animated short "Plane Crazy" was the first film with Mickey Mouse, not "Steamboat Willie."

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