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More than 145 bird species have been spotted in Gates of the Arctic National Park over the past 30 years including the peregrine falcon, bald eagles, northern hawk owls, great horned owls, red-throated loons, trumpeter swans, sandhill cranes, sandpipers, and ospreys among many others.

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Birds found in Chitwan National Park include the grey-crowned prinia, Bengal florican, swamp francolin, Oriental darter, spotted eagles, grass warblers, storks, egrets, and many other species.

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  1. Aztec legend states that in 1323 they saw a vision of an eagle perched atop a cactus eating a snake - signalling to them that they were to make their home at that spot. They determined that this was the island that would become Tenochtitlan.

  2. Threatened and endangered species found in Redwood National Park include Chinook salmon, Steller's sea lion, northern spotted owl, tidewater goby, and the bald eagle.

  3. Washington’s Eagle, painted by renowned ornithologist J.J. Audubon. Reportedly inhabited the Great Lakes area, spotted 4 times,shot and taxidermied. With a wing span of 10 feet, specimens are cataloged in museums but cannot be found. Multiple sightings where reported in the early 1800s.

  4. There are endangered species living within the park, including the spotted owl and the bald eagle. In total there are 22 species on the endangered species list living in Olympic NP.

  5. A woman on a boat was killed when a 75lb spotted eagle ray jumped out of the water and struck her head.

  6. Thanks to its keen eyesight, eagle can spot small and well-camouflaged prey (such as rabbit) from a distance of nearly two miles.

  7. During the 2016 United States Presidential election, Faith Spotted Eagle became the first native american to receive an electoral college vote

  8. The Australian wedge-tailed eagles keen eyesight extends into the infrared and ultraviolet bands. This helps them spot prey and allows them to see rising thermals, which they can use to gain altitude while expending little energy.

  9. 4/12 of the Electoral College voters in Washington State disregarded the popular vote for Clinton and voted for Colin Powell and Spotted Eagle instead. These are the only votes that count towards electing the actual president.

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The 2016 U.S. election had seven faithless electors, the most in history. Among the people voted for were Bernie Sanders, Colin Powell, and Faith Spotted Eagle, the first Native American to win an electoral vote.

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