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In the Spiderman comic 'Spider-Man: Reign', Mary Jane dies due to exposure to Spiderman's radioactive sperm.

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Michael Jackson tried buying Marvel Comics in the 90s because he wanted to play Spiderman in a movie.

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  1. There is a Spiderman comic (The Amazing Spiderman #36) that deals with Spiderman being too late to stop 9/11. Spiderman along with four of his arch rivals help out at the scene of the attack by lifting rubble and rescuing survivors.

  2. Marvel Comics stipulates that Peter Parker must be white and straight but Spiderman can be of any ethnicity or sexual orientation.

  3. Donald Glover wearing Spiderman PJ's in Community was the inspiration for Miles Morales. Aaron Davis (Glover in Homecoming) accidentally gives Miles his powers in the comics. So the person inadvertently responsible for Miles Morales plays the person inadvertently responsible for Miles Morales.

  4. The idea for ankle monitors was popularized when a man named Jack Love read a Spiderman comic where Spiderman is tagged with a radar tracking device by Kingpin.

  5. One Piece is the 3rd highest Grossing Comic of all time with 400 Million sales. Beating Spiderman and only being beaten by Superman and Batman. Selling 6 times more than any comic in existence, every year.

  6. Charlie Brown actually kicked the football in the comic strips...with help from Spiderman.

  7. In 1998 Sony was offered the film rights to all of the Marvel comic universe. They turned down the offer, choosing only to buy the rights to Spiderman for 10 million. The Marvel cinematic universe has since made billions of dollars.

  8. Gene Simmons (of KISS) used to be a school teacher in Harlem until he was fired for substituting Shakespeare with Spiderman Comics.

  9. There was an Indian version of Spiderman by Marvel that it's comics were published in India and as well as the United States in 2005.

  10. Symbiote (and in turn Venom) of the Spiderman Series was originally a fan fiction that was discovered and bought by Marvel Comics through a contest for $220. (Symbiote is the black parasite thing in the Spiderman Series)

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An episode of a Spiderman comic inspired the first judicially sanctioned program using electronic monitoring (ankle bracelets)

There was a comic published in the 1970's, sponsored by Planned Parenthood, that alludes to Spiderman being molested as a child. - source

One Piece is the 3rd highest Grossing Comic of all time. Beating Spiderman and only being beaten by Superman and Batman - source

Zack Snyder's Man of steel paid homage to marvel comics and their famous newspaper the Daily Bugle (Spiderman comics) by placing a bugle trophy in Perry White's office at the Dailey Planet.

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