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Actress Marilu Henner who has a highly unusual type of memory, known as HSAM, which allows her to recall extremely specific details of any day she experienced in her life, has been part of a study that may aid Alzheimer's research.

During WW2, the United States decrypted a Japanese message containing specific details of the flight itinerary for their Commander in Chief, Isoroku Yamamoto. The US intercepted his flight with 16 fighter planes and shot his plane down. He was killed when a .50cal bullet struck him in the head.

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  1. Her interest in mycology and specifically how fungi reproduced led her to create many detailed drawings of microscopic spores; this intense study and work led her to devise a theory of germination.

  2. . actress Marilu Henner has hyperthymesia and can remember specific details of almost every day of her life since she was a small child

  3. In order to copyright the specific facial designs of a clown, Clowns International—the world’s oldest clown society—maintains a register of clown faces. But instead of keeping photographs or sketches of the clown’s makeup, details are painted on ceramic eggs.

  4. Actress Mary Lucy Denise Henner has hyperthymesia; she can remember specific details of virtually every day of her life since she was a small child

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