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Saddam Hussein had a Qur’an printed in his own blood for his 60th birthday. It took two years and 27 liters of blood for the calligrapher to complete all 114 chapters. The project was the result of Hussein re-embracing his religion after his son Uday survived an assassination attempt.

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As head of Iraq's Olympic Committee, Saddam Hussein's son Uday dragged athletes who underperformed through a gravel pit, then immersed them in sewage to induce infection.

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  1. Uday Hussein, Saddam's son, murdered his father's personal valet and food taster with an electric carving knife in front of dinner guests at Suzanne Mubarak's birthday party for introducing his father to his second wife.

  2. Uday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein oversaw the imprisonment and torture of Iraqi athletes who were deemed not to have performed to expectations. In one case, imprisoned football players were forced to kick a concrete ball after failing to reach the 1994 FIFA World Cup finals.

  3. Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's son Uday Hussein used to imprison and torture Iraqi national team footballers for days if they lost a match or a tournament.

  4. Many of Saddam Hussein's regime were also members of his family, including the Minister of Defense Brig. General Adnan Khairallah (brother-in-law), head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee (his son Uday), head of Internal Security Forces (his son Qusay), and Deputy Minister of Justice (half-brother Busho Ibrahim).

  5. Uday Hussein, Saddam's son, was president of Iraq's Olympics Committee. He ordered the torture and killing of soccer players who failed to win gold.

  6. One of the reasons for the support of the invasion of Iraq was that Saddam Hussein and his son Uday would throw their political prisoners into wood chippers feet first.

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