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Dr. Ruth, the famous sex therapist, was a trained sniper with the Israeli Defence Force.

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American sex therapist, media personality, and author Dr. Ruth was a trained Israeli scout and sniper.

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  1. A Palestinian used a sniper rifle to target and shoot a 10 month old Israeli infant. Two years later the baby's father was caught planning to blow up a Palestinian girls' school.

  2. Due to her diminutive height (4'7"), famed sex therapist Dr Ruth Westheimer was trained as a scout and a sniper by the Israeli military, and was seriously wounded during their war of independence.

  3. The famous Sex Therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was once a Sniper in the Israeli Army

  4. Dr. Ruth was trained as a sniper by the Israeli military.

  5. Dr Ruth Westheimer was a sniper in the Haganah, (predecessor to the Israeli Defense Force)

  6. Dr. Rith was trained as a sniper by the Israeli military

  7. The Sexpert Dr. Ruth Westheimer was once a trained sniper of Israeli Defense Force. To this day, she can still load a Sten Automatic rifle in under a minute. Blindfolded.

  8. Dr. Ruth (yes, the famous sex therapist) is a Holocaust survivor and IDF sniper who was seriously wounded in the Israeli War of Independence.

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