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In 2008 a man at a ski resort in Italy stole a rubber padding used on a barrier to stop people at the bottom of a sledding hill. He used the padding to sled down the hill, hitting the barrier that he stole the padding from and died.

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A US Marines airplane cut through a cable car wire at an Italian ski resort, which caused the cable car to plunge 80 meters (260 feet) to the ground, killing all 20 people onboard. One of the crewmen later destroyed incriminating evidence against himself and the rest of the crew.

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  1. Ski resorts were openly hostile to snowboarding in the early years of the sport, leading many places to ban snowboarding entirely.

  2. There is a zipline connecting the summits of Orelle (3230m) and Val Thorens (3000m), two ski resorts in the French Alps. The zipline is 1300m long and the maximum height above the ground is 250 m. The trip takes 1min 45s and can bring you to a top speed of 105 km/h.

  3. The 1960 Winter Olympics were saved, in part, by Walt Disney. He organized the opening and closing ceremonies, and helped the small ski resort town build the necessary infrastructure for the games, which was severely lacking before his involvement.

  4. Within the Kirifuri Area are the natural resort highlights such as waterfalls, camping sites, as well as skiing and golfing opportunities.

  5. Monte Kaolino is a ski resort located in Germany that uses 35,000,000 tonnes of sand, instead of snow.

  6. Disney almost built a massive ski resort in the remote Mineral King, CA. The plan was eventually destroyed by a combination of protest, the National Environmental Policy act, and the 1978 annexation of Mineral King as part of the Sequoia National Park.

  7. James Niehues has hand drawn nearly 200 ski resort maps over the past 30 years.

  8. Arizona is home to the most southern ski resort in the U.S, Mount Lemmon, located in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

  9. Sun Valley, a popular ski resort, is home to the very first alpine chairlift.

  10. Ski resort chair lifts are based on banana conveyor belts. The only changes were a souped up engine, and a seat instead of a hook.

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Comparison of North American Ski Resorts (2018)

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Western US Ski Resort Average Elevation

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North Korea has a ski resort and hopes to host some events at the 2018 Winter Olympics

The chairlift was invented by a Union Pacific Railroad employee for use at Sun Valley ski resort, which was owned by the UP. - source

The modern-day chairlift system used by ski resorts around the globe was invented in Omaha, NE. - source

There is an entire Mountain and Ski Resort for sale in Idaho for only $149,000.

About the Kaprun Disaster, a fire on a skying resort train as it passed through a tunnel. 155 died and the case was marked by blatant disregard to justice. - source

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There is a 9000+ foot ski resort in Arizona that is further south than San Diego or Calexico.

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There is a ski resort in Algeria - Chréa Ski Resort

During the Spengler Cup 1998 (a famous ice hockey tournament in Switzerland), a finnish player got so drunk he rented skis and almost froze to death near a local ski resort. The then president harry harkimo came to bring him home himself, so that the incident doesn't go public.

Some ski resorts use WWII-era refurbished artillery for avalanche control.

Werner Thomas, the man who wrote "The Chicken Dance" initially called it "Der Ententanz" or "The Duck Dance". He also created the dance to along with it when he was inspired, while working as an accordion player at Swiss ski resorts, by the movements of skiers resembling that of a duck.

There are actually three skiing resorts where snowboarders are excluded from. And that there is a anti-movement claiming it is illegal to prohibit snowboarders there.

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There is an active ski resort on the island of Cyprus

There is a ski resort in Utah that still refuses access to snowboarders even though it's on public property. The way certain (not all) out-dated skiers talk about snowboarders reminds me of a dark period in modern history (of different magnitudes of course)

In the 1960s, the Walt Disney Company almost developed a ski resort at Mineral King near Sierra Nevada

North Korea has an amazing luxury ski resort where you can ski for ages on fresh untouched powder snow without seeing anyone else.

Iran outside of the news media (ski resorts, skyscrapers, fields of flowers,...)

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There is a ski resort in Utah that still refuses to allow snowboarders on the mountain and the reasons given by out-dated skiers reminds me of how out-dated white people used to speak about people of colour

Mad River Glen ski resort still has a ban against snowboards.

At the time of Walt Disney's death, plans approved by the governor were underway for a Disney ski resort in Mineral King Valley between SF & LA.

A ski resort in sun valley, Idaho, changed the name of a ski run from 'flying maid' to 'Arnold's run' after Arnold Schwarzenegger. The locals did not like it, so they frequently changed the sign post to 'Arnold's maid' referring to Arnold's long term affair with his maid.

Mount Hermon, the international border of Israel, Lebanon, and Syria, is Israel's one and only ski resort. On a clear day, one can see Damascus 35 km away.

Microsoft's Windows XP was codenamed 'Whistler' after the eponymous ski resort in Canada. Many Microsoft employees skied at Whistler during the development of XP

In the 1960s, Walt Disney attempted to develop a Disney Ski Resort in the Mineral Kings near Sequoia National Park

Disney planned to construct the Ski Resort in the Mineral King (now part of Sequoia National Park) in the 1960s after having won approval by the Governor of California and the U.S. Forest Service

Taliban destroyed the oldest and largest ski resort in Pakistan and it's been reopened. The top peak is 2850m compared to Courchevel (French Alps) where the top peak is 1850m (mind the gap)

Walt Disney wanted to build a ski resort called The Mineral King Ski Resort but the project was dropped after he died.

There is a ski resort in southern Arizona

Sweden has a week long sport holiday, and that the week that it's on depends on what part of the country you live in, in order to avoid overcrowding ski-resorts and such.

In 1970, a Wizard of Oz-inspired theme park was opened as a summer attraction in a North Carolina ski resort town called Beech Mountain. It struggled to stay open and was closed more than 35 years ago.

There are actually a few ski resorts in Africa

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