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The 90s sketch comedy show “In Living Color” drew away 22% of Super Bowl XXVI’s viewers during its halftime show by doing a special live episode of their own, which is why subsequent Super Bowls got A-List performers and dropped the previous themed marching band format.

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Hat Bill Nye "The Science Guy" got his start in show business in Seattle doing sketch comedy. His other character beside Science Guy was a Speedwalking Seattle Superhero.

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  1. Buster Keaton performed physical comedy sketches with his parents in which his father threw him across the stage or into the audience. He was never injured but accusations of child abuse still occurred at times.

  2. In the beginning, Family Guy was actually supposed to be short films for MADtv, the sketch comedy series inspired by MAD magazine. The concept fell through because MADtv producers apparently didn't have the budget for animation.

  3. Before Bill Nye became nationally famous as Bill Nye the science guy he was in a Seattle sketch comedy show as a speedwalking superhero

  4. To become a British Citizen, you must first be familiar with sketch comedy legends, Monty Python

  5. In a comedy sketch satarising 1960s attitudes to homosexuality Monty Python predicted Furry Fandom decades before it became a thing.

  6. There was a Star Wars animated sketch comedy television series in the works before it was put on the back burner upon Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm. The show was to be produced by the same team behind Robot Chicken.

  7. An old British comedy sketch has become the most repeated program ever because of various countries broadcasting it every year as a tradition, and even having complaints when it was not broadcast.

  8. In 1989, the sketch comedy show "Almost Live" made an April Fools joke claiming that the Space Needle has collapsed, after the episode was broadcasted, around 700 people called 911 due to them believing that the report was real.

  9. Bill Odenkirk, brother of Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman), has worked as a writer, producer & actor on sketch comedy TV show Mr. Show with Bob and David. Wrote for Tenacious D & Futurama, written/produced episodes of The Simpsons and holds a PhD in Inorganic chemistry from the University of Chicago.

  10. Donald Glover started his career doing sketches for an online skit show by derrick comedy

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Comedian and current SNL cast member Mikey Day's career kicked off after starring in the comedy sketch "David Blaine Street Magic"

When Jim Carrey was 10 years old (in 1972) he sent his resume to Carol Burnett, stating that he could perform over 150 voices, and asking for a role on the Emmy Award winning sketch comedy show that bore her name and was recently named one of the greatest shows of all time. - source

The title of Dan Castellaneta's album of comedy sketches "I Am Not Homer" is a parody of Leonard Nimoy's first autobiography "I Am Not Spock". - source

"Boemerang", a supposed archive TV show where the host broke into fits of giggles after hearing the squeaky voice of one of his guest, is actually part of a TV sketch comedy show called "In de gloria".

Turn-On, a sketch comedy show from 1969 that was considered so bad, one station refused to continue airing it after the first commercial break. Several stations scheduled to air it later that evening refused to air it altogether. - source

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Tribute by Tenacious D was originally a comedy sketch

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The sketch comedy group "The Upright Citzens Brigade" Pranked NBC's "The Today Show" Live on the air in a stunt that many claim ended their show.

Ben Stiller had a sketch comedy show in the early 90s that costarred Andy Dick and Bob Odenkirk

The universal word for unsolicited emails - "spam" - is derived from the 1970 Spam sketch on the BBC television comedy series Monty Python's Flying Circus.

The Avalanches' Frontier Psychiatrist took its name from a 1980s Canadian comedy sketch that provided its core vocal samples.

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Rowan Atkinson first used the "Mr Bean voice" in a 1979 comedy sketch about toilets (some 11 years before Mr Bean)

Former child actor Danny Tamberelli (most notable as Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete and Pete) has since started a sketch show on Youtube titled ManBoobs Comedy. Here's one of their videos:

Childish Gambino and Donald Glover are the same person and he was a part of a video sketch comedy group that made this little gem over a decade ago.

Joel Mchale got his start in 1984 on a Seattle based sketch comedy show called Almost Live!

Jimmi Simpson from Westworld has a youtube channel where he posted comedy sketches, two of which include appearances from Charlie Day of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette first appeared on television on the kids' sketch comedy show You Can't Do That on Television for five episodes

Fox had a sketch comedy show called The Edge which starred Jennifer Aniston, Tom Kenny, and Wayne Knight along with Tom Kenny's wife Jill Taley

Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants) starred in a sketch comedy show with Wayne Knight (Newman from Seinfeld and Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park) and Jennifer Aniston.

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