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The longest war in recorded history lasted 335 years and 19 days. It was between the Dutch and the Isles of Scilly, there were no casualties, and the Dutch actually forgot about the conflict until a Scilly historian contacted them about it in 1985. A treaty was signed between them in 1986.

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Native Americans in the 1964 movie 'Cheyenne Autumn', (because no one on the set spoke their language) would say crude remarks that made it into the movie. In the scene where the treaty is signed, you can hear (but not understand) them mocking the size of the colonel's penis

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  1. Despite Portuguese neutrality in WWII British ships were allowed to refuel in Portugal because of a treaty signed over 600 years ago - the Treaty of Windsor, which is the longest lasting alliance treaty in the world. The treaty has been invoked several times to save Portugal from invasion.

  2. The Jay Treaty, signed in 1794, provides that American Indians may travel freely across the Canadian-US border. Native Indians born in Canada are entitled to freely enter the United States for the purpose of employment, study, retirement, investing, and/or immigration.

  3. The United States and Russia signed a treaty in 1967 agreeing not to nuke the Moon

  4. There is an island which changes sovereignty every 6 months. Less than 7000 sq metres, in a river on the Spain-France border, Pheasant Island is ceremonially exchanged between the two countries every February and July, according to a peace treaty which was signed on the island in 1659

  5. The Outer Space Treaty, signed by all major space faring nations, prohibits claiming territory in space or on celestial bodies. Space is considered "the shared heritage of mankind"

  6. Because of a treaty signed in 1795, the state of New York still gives 150 bushels of salt to the Onondaga people every spring

  7. There is a Moon Treaty signed and ratified that gives the U.N. dominion over all "celestial bodies" including asteroids. The only countries to not sign the treaty all have active space programs (U.S., Russia, China).

  8. In 1979 the governments of the USA, France, Canada and the USSR signed a treaty to create a worldwide network of search-and-rescue satellites and ground stations. To date this system has saved at least 42k lives and works everywhere on Earth. A beacon costs $200 and has a 5 year battery!

  9. The Freedmen. The Cherokee had black slaves. In 1866 they signed a treaty that freed them and granted them and their descendants, tribal citizenship after Emancipation. The Nation has ostracized them and is trying to strip them of tribal citizenship largely due to their darker complexion.

  10. About the Treaty of Watertown, the first foreign treaty signed by the United States, establishing a military alliance with Wabanaki First Nations; To this day, Wabanaki citizens of Canada are allowed to join the U.S. military

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The legal reason Champagne is only produced in Champagne France is due to the Treaty of Versailles, which reaffirmed that rule among the nations that signed it.

Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli, signed by John Adams, contains the line “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion” - source

In 1962 the USSR decided to test a 300kt nuclear bomb in space over a populated area, the resulting EMP fused 350 miles of telephone lines, shut down 621 miles of buried power cables and burnt down a power station. The following year they signed & ratified a treaty banning tests in outer space. - source

Some have argued that the US legally holds sovereignty over Taiwan due to a peace treaty signed at the end of World War II. In 2006, a group of Taiwanese residents unsuccessfully filed a complain asking for Taiwanese residents to receive US Constitutional rights for this reason.

In 1796, the United States signed the Treaty of Tripoli, including a clause stating that "the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." - source

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Canada accidentally signed in the wrong spot on the Japanese surrender treaty at the end of WWII, messing up the order of the document.

How many countries have signed the antarctic treaty?

Japan and Russia are still technically fighting World War II, a peace treaty having not been signed due to a continuing dispute over a few islands northeast of Japan.

As the result of a diplomatic error, the Netherlands remained in state of war with a set of English islands for over 300 years. Upon signing a peace treaty in 1986, the Dutch ambassador joked that it must have been harrowing for the islanders "to know we could have attacked at any moment."

About the Treaty on Open Skies. This treaty, signed in 2002, allows signatories to fly unarmed reconnaissance aircraft over each other's territories in order to ensure complete transparency and trust. Countries that have their area observed can request any imagery taken, at their own cost.

In 1985 the mayors of Rome and Carthage signed a symbolic peace treaty to end the state of war between the two cities technically going back over 2100 years.

In 1959 12 nations signed a treaty stating that Antarctica "be used exclusively for peaceful purposes and shall not become the scene or object of international discord," and that it be "devoted to peace and science."

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The British town of Berwick-upon-Tweed was, due to a bureaucratic error, left out of the Crimean War Peace Treaty between Great Britain and Russia. Upon Berwick's eventual signing of a peace treaty 110 years later, then-Mayor declared: “Tell the Russians they can sleep easy in their beds.”

The Holy See (The Catholic Church) became the first legal partner to Hitler's regime. The Vatican and Nazis signed Reichskonkordat, a treaty which removed the German church from any continued role of opposition to Hitler, and required bishops to take an oath of loyalty to the German Reich.

The Peloponessian War between Athens and Sparta only ended in 1996 - no treaty was signed when the fighting ended in 404 BC, so 25 centuries later the mayors of the cities signed a pact saying "Today we express our grief for the devastating war between the two cities and declare its end"

In 1967 The Outer Space Treaty was signed, creating a framework and laws as to what governments can and can't do in space

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The Portuguese and Spanish empires were so powerful that in 1494 they signed the Treaty of Tordesillas to split the world in two parts.

Morocco was in 1777 the first country to recognise the United States as an independent nation, and that the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship, signed 1786, is the U.S.'s oldest unbroken friendship treaty.

Hungary sent 346 men to help the Finns in the Winter War against the Soviets, but after the long and complicated journey, the Moscow Peace Treaty was signed before they saw combat.

The island of Faisans in the middle of the Bidasoa river, on the border of Spain and France, switches countries every six months. This was agreed to as part of the signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659. This sort of joint sovereignty is called a condominium.

The tiny European country of Andorra, despite never getting involved in any of the fighting, was technically the longest combatant of WWI. Their peace treaty with Germany was signed in 1958, 44 years after the original declaration of war in 1914.

The US and Canada signed a treaty in 1950 to "preserve the scenic beauty" of Niagara Falls

About the Pork and Beans war, a confrontation in 1838 between the US and the UK over the boundary between New Brunswick and Maine. No one was killed, but two Canadian malitiamen were injured by bears before a treaty was signed.

Rome and Carthage signed a peace treaty to officially end the 3rd Punic war. In 1985

The President of the United States, as head of the Executive Branch, has several powers according to the United States Constitution. These include: the ability to veto or sign into law legislation that has been voted for by Congress, the ability to appoint federal positions such as federal judges, the ability to negotiate international treaties, and the ability to grant pardons for crimes.

In 1990 a treaty was signed between Brazil and Portugal to standardize Portuguese between the two countries

The end of World War I was officially ended in 1919 with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty was signed in the Hall of Mirrors.

The Treaty of New Echota was not approved by the Cherokee National Council nor signed by Principal Chief John Ross, it was still amended and ratified by the U.S. Senate in March 1836, and would go on to become the legal basis for the forcible removal known as the Trail of Tears.

With the signing of the Treaty of Paris, France officially gave all of its land in North America west of the Mississippi to Britain. They gained the Islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the treaty.

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