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the title for Egyptian proctologists literally translates to “shepherd of the anus.”

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The ancient Egyptian term for proctologist literally translates as "shepherd of the anus"

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  1. Ancient Egypt not only had specialised proctologists, but that the name of their profession can be translated as "shepherd of the anus".

  2. In ancient Egypt, a proctologist was called the "shepherd of the anus."

  3. 'Shepherd of the Royal Anus' (neru pehut) was a title held by several court physicians in Ancient Egypt.

  4. The first medical literature about the enema is in the Egyptian Ebers Papyrus (c. 1550 BCE). Their enema specialist was named "Shepherd of the Anus". There was also a "Keeper of the Royal Rectum" who was the pharaoh's enema maker. According to Egyptian mythology, the god Thoth invented the enema

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