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In 2008 a dog named Sophie Tucker survived 4 months lost at sea off the coast of Australia. She fell overboard while sailing in bad weather with her owners. She then swam 5 nautical miles in stormy, shark-infested waters, to an island where she survived for 16 weeks by hunting wild goats.

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In 1942, 25 US marines landed on Japanese territory to survey an airfield. After being surrounded by the Japanese, they held a defensive perimeter for 9 hours before being overrun. Eventually, the only surviving marine swam through 4 miles of shark-infested waters to return to Allied lines.

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  1. Scientists discovered the mega "walking stick" insect the size of your hand that was thought to be extinct by climbing a treacherous 2000 ft Australian volcanic island at night in the middle of shark-infested waters

  2. The worst shark attack in human history was when the USS Indianapolis was sunk sending 900 men into the shark infested waters. Only 300 men survived.

  3. A group of 5 young adults were stranded in the Atlantic Ocean and began to drink the seawater. The survivors that drank went crazy and decided to swim in the shark infested water. They were eaten alive in seconds.

  4. A golf course lake in Australia is infested with deadly Bull Sharks

  5. A group of divers had spent 10-hours in shark infested waters before reaching an island full of hungry Dragons.

  6. There's a shark infested area near San Francisco called the "Red Triangle" which accounts for 38% of great white shark attacks, and crazy people still swim and surf there

  7. A dog named Sophie fell off a boat, swam 6 miles in shark-infested waters, and ended up surviving 4 months on a desert island by hunting wild goats.

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