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Mexican jumping beans are seed pods that have been inhabited by the larva of a small moth The "bean" "jumps" when heated because the larva spasms in an attempt to roll the seed to a cooler environment to avoid dehydration and consequent death.

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Vanilla is the world's second most expensive spice per weight after Saffron due to it being labor intensive to grow the seed pods

What do lantana seed pods look like?

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  1. Fruit of kudzu is pod filled with seed. Fruit ripens in autumn.

  2. Fruit of acacia is dry pod. It is elongated and filled with 5 to 6 brown or black seed.

  3. Lotus and water lily look similar but they belong to different genera. They differ in the color of the flower and type of the seed pod.

  4. Fruit of telegraph plant is brown pod filled with black, bean-like seeds.

  5. Common gorse tolerates fire because it stimulates germination of seed and re-sprouting of the plant from the root. Dry branches and pods of common gorse are highly flammable and they are often used as a firewood in bread ovens.

  6. Radish produces white flowers arranged in racemose inflorescence. Insects are main pollinators of the flowers. Fruit of radish is edible pod filled with seed.

  7. Despite being called a "vanilla bean", vanilla is actually an orchid seed pod

  8. Fruit of daikon is papery thin, brown seed pod called silicle.

  9. Fruit of catalpa is large, pod-like capsule filled with numerous seed. Fruit can reach 20 inches in length. Fully ripe fruit is brown colored. Capsules remain closed until the beginning of the next spring.

  10. Mimosa produces oblong, flat pods (type of fruit). They are gathered in clusters composed of 2 to 8 pods. Each pod contains 1 to 6 seed. Immature pods are green, mature pods are brown colored.

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Several species of plants in wildfire prone areas have adapted unique features that use the fire itself for survival. From seed pods encased in resin that melt away during a fire to seeds that require the chemical signals from smoke and charred plant matter to break decades of seed dormancy

Lotus produces seed in the circular pod located in the center of the flower.

Fruit of wisteria is pale green to light brown velvety seed pod filled with 1 to 6 seed.

Silky fibers extracted from the seed pods of kapok tree are the lightest natural fibers (they are 8 times lighter than cotton fibers). Kapok fibers do not induce allergy and do not contain toxins.

Flower heads transform into prickly burrs composed of 30 to 40 grey or brown, wedge-shaped seed hidden inside spherical pods (simple dry fruit called achene).

When are wisteria seed pods ready to pick?

Fruit of radicchio is pod filled with seed.

How to grow lupins from seed pods?

Fruit of fava bean is large, flattened, light green pod filled with 6 to 10 oval, broad, thick seed (beans).

Peapod is edible part of the plant. Seeds (peas) are green, smooth and hidden in a pod that is usually 5 to 6 inches long. Harvest of pea usually takes place 60 to 70 days after planting.

Fruit of butterfly weed is narrow, grayish green pod covered with hairs. Fruit ripens at the end of the summer or at the beginning of the fall. Each pod contains hundreds of seed equipped with silky, white tufts of hair which facilitate dispersal by wind.

Fruit of diesel tree is egg-shaped pod filled with single, large, black seed. Pod can be yellowish, reddish, brownish or blackish colored. Fruit ripens from July to October.

Fruit of chickpea is small, roundish, hairy pod. It contains from one to three seed (peas).

When are desert rose seed pods ready?

Fruit of kapok tree is light green, woody, smooth pod filled with 200 brown seed. Each tree produces 500 to 4.000 pods per season.

Flowers, seed pods and seed of arugula are also edible.

Fruit of catnip is pod filled with 4 oval, reddish-brown seeds.

Fruit of forget-me-not is tulip-shaped pod filled with miniature seed.

Fruit of carob tree is thick, broad pod with around 8 bean-shaped seed. Ripe pod is brown colored. Harvest usually takes place one year after pollination.

How to grow milkweed from seed pods?

Leaves of mizuna are very similar to leaves of arugula, but they have less bitter taste. Leaves of mizuna are soft and have piquant, earthy, mustard-like flavor. Leaf stalks are sweet and juicy and have crispy texture. They are used for the preparation of soups, stir-fries, as a topping for pizza and pasta, and as an ingredient of sandwiches and burgers. Seed pods are also edible.

Fruit of sea kale is pod filled with seeds.

Fruit of rosary pea is narrow pod filled with 3 to 5 seed that are round-shaped, shiny red colored and have prominent black spot on one end.

Brazil nuts grow in pods that look a lot like coconuts, and are classified as seeds, not true nuts.

Fruit of Redbud tree is purple pod that subsequently changes its color to black. Pod is flat and up to 3 inches long. It hangs from the branches and trunk during the summer and autumn. Pod contains miniature black seeds. They are often on the menu of deer and birds.

Fruit of honey locust is aromatic pod. Immature pod is green colored. Ripe pod is long, twisted and reddish-brown colored. Black seed are embedded in the pulp inside the pod.

All parts of laburnum (root, bark, wood, leaves, flowers, pod and seed) contain toxic substance called cytisine (alkaloid that has similar chemical structure like nicotine). Ingestion of any part of the plant may induce fatal poisoning of humans and animals (such as goats, sheep and horses).

He catalogued the heredity of seven characteristics in peas: seed shape, flower color, seed coat tint, pod shape, unripe pod color, flower location and plant height.

Fruit of mesquite tree is seedpod filled with 10 to 30 seed. Seedpod resembles the green beans. It can be 10 inches long. Ripe pod splits to release seed.

Fruit of morning glory is round seed-pod, arranged in drooping clusters. Mature seed pods are papery brown and hard. They are filled with dark, wedge-shaped seed.

Fruit of dogbane is slender pod equipped with tuft of silky hairs on one of its ends. Dogbane produces fruit in pairs. Ripe pods are brown colored and filled with numerous small seed.

Fruit of mizuna is pod filled with seed.

Fruit of milkweed are brown pods. Ripe pods split to release fluffy seed.

Fruit of canola is pod. It looks like a pea pod, but it is 5 times smaller. Pod contains 20, black or brown round seed.

Fruit of mopane is flat, kidney-shaped, leathery pod. Each pod contains one wrinkled seed equipped with resinous glands. Mopane produces fruit from April to June.

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