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We hear songs that get stuck in our head while performing tasks that require a "low cognitive load", such as showering or getting dressed. Our brain uses these songs as a "screen saver" to keep us entertained while our brain is essentially idle.

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When an image remained on an old computer screen for too long, the image got "burned" into the screen. To stop this from happening, developers created moving images that would "save" the screen from being burned when it was idle. This is where we get the term "screen saver" from.

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  1. The Codex Leicester, a collection of famous scientific writings by Leonardo da Vinci, was sold to Bill Gates in 1994 for $30.8M. After Gates acquired the Codex, he had its pages scanned and distributed as screen savers and wallpapers for Windows 95.

  2. There is a live HD feed from a camera mounted on the International Space Station from which you can watch our Earth. Not only that, but you can easily set said feed as your screen saver.

  3. Screen savers (mostly) are unnecessary due to technology of displays changing effectively eliminating "screen burn".

  4. There is "The New Screen Savers" with Leo Laporte!

  5. Screen savers were originally created to prevent images being burned-in on CRT displays

  6. Screen savers are no longer necessary because lcd monitors and screen will not burn in.

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