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Wife bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to prove a point to her husband that it was a waste of money, but it ended up winning her $1 million.

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Iowa Man Tyler Heep won $1.00 from a scratch-off, drove to Lottery Headquarters, and demanded a gigantic novelty check. They wrote him out an oversized check and had him hold it up for a photo in a room set up with a camera and the Lottery logo. Heep used his winnings to buy 1/2 a gallon of gas.

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  1. A man cracked the code to winning scratch lottery tickets, but calculated it would only net him $600/day and instead of secretly plundering the game, he decided to report the problem to the Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

  2. Bill Morgan, who after having a near death experience buys a lottery ticket winning a car. His local news then asked him to do a reenactment for them and scratch another ticket, on which he won $250,000.

  3. A statistician who discovered the outside of a particular scratch-off lottery game was non random. He could correctly predict a winning ticket 90% of the time.

  4. A woman named Glenda Blackwell once bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to prove to her husband that it was a waste of money and she ended up winning $1 million.

  5. In 2016, a woman bought a $10 scratch-off ticket to show her husband that lottery tickets are a waste of money. The ticket turned out to be worth $1 million.

  6. Australian Bill Morgan was declared dead for almost 14 minutes and slipped into coma for 12 days; after making a full recovery, he won a $17,000 lottery prize. Being interviewed by a news station after the aforementioned events, he was filmed scratching another lottery ticket and won $170,000.

  7. In 2003, Mohan Srivastava, cracked the Ontario Lottery's "tic-tac-toe" scratch-and-win game. He could spot winners by sight only with a 90% accuracy. After determined that exploiting this would net him less income than his current job, he instead notified the game makers.

  8. Indiana has a Bacon Lottery with a grand prize of 20 years supply of bacon; The scratch off tickets are bacon scented

  9. An MIT/Stanford-educated Toronto man cracked the code to scratch off lottery tickets and was correctly able to pick a winning ticket without scratching it, only based on the numbers displayed in the game. He claims there are still flawed games available.

  10. NJ store owner Yogi Patel tracked down and returned a winning $2 million scratch-off lottery ticket to its owner after finding it in the garbage.

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A woman bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to prove a point to her husband that it was a waste of money, but she ended up winning $1 million.

In Australia a man called Bill Morgan was clinically dead for 14 minutes following a heart attack before recovering. He then bought a lottery scratchcard and won a car. A local news crew decided to film his story, asked him to reenact scratching off a scratchcard and he won $250,000 - source

Bill Morgan. The man who died for 14 minutes and then won the jackpot on a scratch off lottery twice. The second time was while being filmed doing a re-enactment of the first time. - source

Australia's Luckiest Man" was pronounced dead after a heart attack caused by an accident but was revived. Later on, he bought a lottery scratch ticket, won a new car and when the news station asked him to reenact scratching the ticket for the camera, he ended up winning $170,000.

Using relatively simple math you can check if scratch off lottery tickets are winners without scratching. - source

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YouTube channels exist that have videos of people scratching off losing instant lottery tickets

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New Hampshire has released a bacon-scented lottery scratch off

Bill Morgan, a man that won $250,000 on a lottery scratch ticket Live on TV after previously; winning the lottery, passing away for 14 minutes, a heart attack and getting into a car crash.

Lottery tickets...Scratching 10.000€ and won half of them.

Billions of dollars in lottery scratch off tickets are never claimed in Connecticut alone.

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