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During the Mexican-American War, General Santa Anna's prosthetic leg was stolen during an ambush by the Illinois 4th Infantry. He was able to get a replacement leg, which was also stolen by the 4th Infantry. Both legs are still on display in Illinois.

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Santa Anna, the controversial, highly distinguished, Mexican general once lost his leg to a cannon shot. Then, four years later, had it found and dug up to give it a full military funeral.

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  1. Mexican General Santa Anna had an elaborate state funeral for his amputated leg. Ironically, soon after the funeral, his new prosthetic leg was seized by Americans as a war trophy and is still on display at the Illinois State Military Museum.

  2. Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna lost the state of Texas that he previously captured because he took a siesta and forgot to post guards in the face of the American enemy.

  3. Santa Anna, the former president of Mexico and leader of Mexican soldiers that attacked the Alamo , later moved to New Jersey and is partly responsible for bringing chewing gum to the United States

  4. The Alamo is a historical site in San Antonio Texas, where the Mexican General Santa Anna defeated the Texan defenders.

  5. General Santa Anna disguised himself as a common soldier after being cornered by Sam Houston. A search party went looking for him, he could of gotten away if it wasn't for soldiers calling him "El Presidente" and saluting to him while the search team was next to him.

  6. General Santa Anna was hit by cannon fire, which led to a shattered ankle. This required amputation of much of his leg, which he ordered to be buried with full military honors.

  7. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, President and General of the Mexican Army that won the battle of the Alamo, introduced the United States to chewing gum when he returned years later as a businessman.

  8. Santa Anna, Mexican politician and general, needed to have his leg amputated after it was hit by a cannon ball. He ordered to have his leg buried with full military honors. The prosthetic leg he then used was later captured and kept by American troops during the Mexican-American War.

  9. General General Lòpez de Santa Anna lost his leg to cannon fire during a battle. Afterward, he ordered his leg be buried with full military honors.

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Mexican politician Antonio López de Santa Anna served eleven non-consecutive presidential terms in a 22-year period.

Santa Anna, the general who dominated Mexico for decades, was exiled in 1869 to New York, where he imported chicle to raise money for an army to invade Mexico; the chicle failed as a rubber substitute, but his secretary Thomas Adams used it to make "chiclets," founding the chewing gum industry. - source

Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna, post Mexican–American War, is credited with bringing the first shipments of "chicle," the base substance of chewing gum, and planned on using it for the rubber on carriage tires.

Aguascalientes was first organized as a federal territory in 1835 when political leaders in Zacatecas tried to rebel against the central government. General Santa Anna put the rebellion down and then separated part of the state as punishment against the rebels.

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Mexican general Santa Anna had his amputated leg buried with full military honors.

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General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna lost his leg via cannon fire in a battle. He then ordered it to be given its own funeral, and it was buried with full military honors.

The Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna once called "The Napoleon of the West" had a grand state funeral for his amputated leg.

A Mexican general named Santa Anna got his leg shattered by a cannon. The leg required amputation and was given military burial with honours.

Modern chewing gum was introduced in America by Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, the Mexican General that destroyed the Alamo.

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Exiled Mexican President Antonio López de Santa Anna brought chicle to the US for the first time in order to try to use it as a replacement for rubber. He failed, but his secretary used it to found the chewing gum industry

Mexican President Santa Anna once ordered fountains in Alameda Park to be filled with alcohol following the winning of Mexican Independence in 1821

Thomas Adams, founder of the chewing gum industry, was first introduced to chicle by Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, most famous for capturing the Alamo

General Antonio López de Santa Anna lost his left leg twice. The second time, his wooden leg, was captured by Illinois soldiers during the Mexican-American War. There has been an ownership feud over this war trophy between Illinois, Texas, and Mexico ever since.

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Antonio López de Santa Anna was President of Mexico 4 times in an 11-month time span.

Santa Anna's wooden leg was captured by Illinois soldiers, during the Mexican-American War, who brought it back to their state where it now resides in the Illinois State Military Museum.

In 1838, General Antonio López de Santa Anna (Mexican) had his leg amputated after his ankle was destroyed by canon-fire. He ordered a full military burial for it.

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was hit in the left leg and hand by cannon fire during the Pastry War. His shattered ankle required amputation of much of his leg, which he ordered buried with full military honors.

When taking the Alamo Santa Anna ordered not to take prisoners, but his orders were ignored. He demanded the immediate execution of the survivors, but several officers refused. Finally, Staff officers who had not participated in the fighting drew their swords and killed the unarmed texans.

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