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In 1859, an American farmer in the San Juan Islands shot a pig who was eating his potatoes, but the pig happened to belong to a British colonist. In the ensuing confrontation, 461 Americans and 14 artillery faced 5 British warships with 70 cannons and 2140 men. The only casualty was the pig

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It was first assumed that the sharks in the freshwater Lake Nicaragua were an endemic species, but it was later observed that the sharks were able to jump up and down the rapids of the freshwater San Juan River (which connects Lake Nicaragua and the Caribbean Sea) like salmon.

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  1. Puerto Rico ("rich port") was the capitol of the island of San Juan until a mapmaker accidentally switched the names in 1521, and the mistake was never corrected.

  2. In 1952-'54, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico had snow delivered by plane to the city so that the children who had never seen or played in snow, would be able to do so

  3. When Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders made their famous charge up San Juan Heights, they were entirely on foot. The only one riding anything was Roosevelt. They'd left the horses in Florida.

  4. The island of Puerto Rico was originally named "San Juan Bautista" and the capital city was called "Puerto Rico". Eventually traders and visitors came to refer to the entire island as Puerto Rico, while San Juan became the name used for the main port and the capital city.

  5. An eagle stole a rabbit from a fox, carrying both into the air as the fox fought to hold onto his meal. The mid-flight tug of war over the rabbit was caught on tape by wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi in Washington State's San Juan Island National Historical Park.

  6. In 1859 an American farmer in the San Juan Islands shot a pig who was eating his potatoes, but the pig happened to belong to a British colonist. The conflict escalated to involve 461 Americans & 14 artillery against 5 British warships with 70 cannons and 2140 men. The only casualty was the pig

  7. The oldest continuously occupied residence in California is the Rios Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, built in 1794 for Feliciano Rios, a soldier at Mission San Juan Capistrano. The current owner 225 years later is Stephen Rios, an ex-Marine raising the 10th generation in the adobe.

  8. By 1944, the villages of Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro were smothered by volcanic lava with only the church tower of San Juan 2.8.miles (4.5 km) away, still visible.

  9. Popular tourist destinations in Nicaragua include Granada, Leon, the Corn Islands, Mombacho Volcano, San Juan del Sur, and Ometepe, among other places.

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In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon set sail with three ships (Santa Maria, Santiago, and San Cristobal) and a crew of approximately 200. They reached Florida in April, naming the new land "Pascua de Florida", which means "feast of flowers".

Juan Ponce de Leon is buried in San Juan, on the island of Puerto Rico.

The thick smoke, ash, sulfur fumes and lava made it unsafe for the people in the villages of Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro to stay. Over 7, 000 people had to leave their homes forever and live elsewhere.

The Conquistador wardog, "Becerillo", who allegedly slaughtered 33 native warriors in a battle and was deeply Feared by the natives of San Juan for the many victims he mauled and killed. The Spanierds valued Becerillo so much that they paid the dog a wage and the same rations as the soldiers

The Rio Grande's major tributaries include Red River, Rio Hondo, Rio Pueblo de Taos, Embudo River, Santa Fe River, Galisteo Creek, Alamito Creek, Terlingua Creek, Pecos River, Devils River, Conejos River, Rio Chama, Rio Conchos, Rio Salado, Rio Alamo, and San Juan River.

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Christopher Columbus also landed in Puerto Rico and named it San Juan Bautista.

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The major tributaries of the Colorado River include the Fraser River, Blue River, Eagle River, Roaring Fork River, Gunnison River, Dolores River, San Juan River, Little Colorado River, Bill Williams River, Gila River, Green River, Dirty Devil River, Escalante River, Kanab River, and Virgin River.

On July 1st, 1898, the United States defeated the Spanish at the Battle of San Juan Heights, and on July 3rd, 1898, off Santiago Bay, the United States destroyed the Spanish fleet.

The first shots fired in World War I on behalf of the United States were fired in San Juan, Puerto Rico on March 21, 1915 more then 2 years before the united states formally declared war

The first female mayor of a capital city in the western hemisphere was Felisa Rincón de Gautier (San Juan, P.R) in 1947.

The capital city and largest city of Puerto Rico is San Juan, with approximately 2,478,905 residents.

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NASA found a methane cloud above the Four Corners in America on San Juan Mountain which is the source of water for the Rio Grande River

There are two theories as to how Telluride, CO got its name: 1. derived from tellurium, a non-metallic element often associated with gold deposits (and ironically, not found there), or 2. the famous send-off given to fortune seekers headed to the southern San Juan Mts "To-hell-you-ride"

Only four outdoor NBA games have ever been played. The first outdoor game was played between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks on September 24, 1972 in a baseball park in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

San Juan County, Utah is bordered by more counties than any other county in the United States (14), including another county called "San Juan" (New Mexico)

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St. Louis MO was the 15th deadliest city in the world with 60.59 homicides per 100,000 residents in 2018. Four other US cities (Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans and San Juan in Puerto Rico) were among the 50 cities with the highest murder rates in the world last year.

Coca Cola is used as a religious ceremonial beverage in San Juan Chamula, Mexico.

After Columbus reached Puerto Rico in 1493, he named the island San Juan Batista, while one of the Spanish settlements founded was named Puerto Rico. Several decades later, in 1521, the names were officially swapped, as people got used to refer to the whole island as Puerto Rico.

The all-time record temp for San Juan, Puerto Rico is 98°f. All-time record low is 60°f. An all-time range of 38°f. Fargo, ND has a range of 162°f.

The town San Juan de la Vega strap explosives to sledgehammers and smash them to the ground to celebrate their namesake.

Black troops were more responsible than any other group for the United States' victory at San Juan Hill

The US and Great Britain almost went to war when an American farmer’s pig was shot dead on a British farmer’s land on San Juan Island in 1859. Both nations had military forces on the island given its strategic value, but ended up de-escalating the conflict. The event became known as the Pig War.

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