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A Japanese bomber pilot dropped four bombs on a small Oregon coastal town. The damp atmosphere meant the thermite bombs failed to explode. Years later the citizens of that town invited the pilot to their town. He accepted, and gave them a samurai sword as apology. It's still on display.

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The Japanese pilot who attacked a town in Oregon during WW2 returned years later to present his family’s 400-year-old samurai sword to the city as a symbol of regret.

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  1. When Harvey Weinstein made aggressive demands of director Hayao Miyazaki to edit the U.S. release of Princess Mononoke, Studio Ghibli staff responded by sending Weinstein a samurai sword in the post with a note attached stating: "No cuts."

  2. Nobuo Fujita, the Japanese pilot who attacked a town in Oregon during World War II returned years later to present his family's 400-year-old samurai sword to the city as a symbol of regret

  3. Director Akira Kurosawa was so impressed with The Magnificent Seven, the American adaptation of his own film, Seven Samurai, that he presented director John Sturges with a sword

  4. Japanese kitchen knives are a lot sharper than Katana swords since blacksmiths switched from making swords to making knives when the samurai were banned from carrying swords in the 19th century to modernise Japan after the Meiji Restoration.

  5. In 1960, the chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party was assassinated during a televised debate by a man wielding a samurai sword.

  6. On 31 March 1970, a group of left-wing extremists from the Japanese Red Army Faction hijacked a plane with samurai swords and demanded to be taken to North Korea.

  7. Samurai swords were often tested out on live prisoners.

  8. As the art of sword-making advanced, curved swords became the norm, and the katana (most iconic Samurai sword) was created.

  9. He College student was robbed twice in one day by a repeat offender. The second time, the student protected himself with a samurai sword, and ended up killing the guy

  10. Samurai name their swords. They believed that their warrior spirit was contained within the katana sword.

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Z-Targeting mechanic, devised by Yoshiaki Koizumi, was inspired by the combat in Japanese sword-fighting movies - chanbara - where the samurai would move in circles around their opponents and never take their eyes off them while fighting.

In 2010 at Wesleyan University an actor was stabbed in the chest with a real sword after someone swapped the fake prop with a real Samurai Sword. - source

Samurai use to practice an art called Tameshigiri in which swords were tested on criminals and corpses - source

Japanese commanders Mitsuru Ushijima and Isamu Cho both committed seppuku in a cave when the battle was lost. Seppuku involves disemboweling one's self with a samurai style sword.

An intruder—who nearly had his hand severed off—died after he lunged at an undergrad at Johns Hopkins who had come to investigate noises in his garage with a samurai sword after 2 laptops & a videogame console had been stolen during a break-in at his off-campus home a few hours earlier. - source

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Japan is one of the few countries outside the Commonwealth of Nations that drives on the left. An informal practice of left-hand passage dates at least to the Edo period, when samurai are said to have passed each other to the left to avoid knocking their longer katana swords with each other.

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The only man to bomb the USA in a time of war was highly respected in Brookings, OR, the town he bombed. His 400-year-old family samurai sword hangs in the library as a gift, which he originally brought with intentions on committing sepuku to if the Oregonians did not accept him.

The Samurai also carried a smaller sword called a wakizashi.

The Red Power Ranger form Wild Force, Ricardo Medina Jr., plead guilty to murdering his roomate with a samurai sword.

If a Samurai was likely to be captured by an enemy or didn"t follow bushido he was supposed to kill himself in a ritual called seppuku that involved using a sword or blade to pierce the stomach, followed by beheading. It could be performed quickly if needed or as a long ritual.

Samurai originally carried a slim, small straight sword called a "chokuto".

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A Japan's legendary slugger Sadaharu Oh practiced his batting using a samurai sword

A former Power Ranger actor got arrested for murdering his roommate with a Samurai sword

Tom Cruise was almost beheaded by a samuari sword while filming The Last Samurai

Samurai sometimes tested their swords by attacking random defenseless passersby, often at night

In 1960, Inejiro Asanuma, who was chairman of the Japanese Socialist Party, was stabbed to death during a televised debate by a 17-year old with a samurai sword.

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In 2010 Nguyen Hoang Hung participated in a game show where 1 of the challenges was to cut hair using a handsaw instead of scissors. He enjoyed it so much, that for 4 years he continued perfecting his skill using a Wakizashi sword & now, as a hairdresser, offers clients a “samurai-sword haircut”

In feudal Japan, samurais were allowed to defend themselves against perceived dishonor by others by striking them with a sword under Kiri-sute gomen

Ricardo Medina, Jr. (The Red Ranger from Power Rangers Wild Force/Power Rangers Samurai) was arrested after getting into an altercation with his roommate and murdering him with a samurai sword.

The samurai actually valued skill in archery over skill with a sword.

Joss Stone narrowly escaped her own beheading when the two planned murderers en route to her home became lost, were reported to the police for "suspicious behavior," and a samurai sword, hammers, and knives were found in their car.

A man was killed in a Samurai Sword attack in 2000

In 1994, a senior executive of Fuji Photo Film Co. was hacked to death by Yakuza for refusing to pay extortion money. The weapon used was a samurai sword.

The quenching process of a samurai sword not only strengthens the blade, but gives it it's distintive curved shape

In 1970, members of Japan's Red Army Faction used samurai swords to hijack a Japan Airlines Jet and divert it to North Korea

Even in periods of war, the Japanese sword was not the choice of weapon on the battle field. Spears and guns were deemed the more effective weapons, instead the sword was given an auxiliary role due to its ultimate samurai status and was prized and showed power and wealth.

The beautiful Art and Lifestyle of the Samurai is still very much alive and well. (Sword Demonstration unlike any I've seen)

About Gary Faulkner, a civilian who traveled repeatedly to Afghanistan to kill Osama Bin Laden wielding among other things, a samurai sword.

Porn actor Steve Driver, who, after being fired, went on a murderous rampage with a samurai sword, and in a resulting standoff threw himself from a cliff to his death while being fired upon

Ricardo Medina Jr, the Red Ranger in 'Power Rangers: Wild Force', murdered his friend with a samurai sword.

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