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The NY Yankees beat up a drunk bowling team because they were hurling racial slurs at Sammy Davis Jr. as he played the Copacabana

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After Rat-Packer Sammy Davis Jr died in 1990, his Widow soon discovered that he was nearly broke and owed back taxes. She then had his body exhumed to strip him of the $70,000 worth of jewelry he had been buried with.

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  1. While filming 1960's Oceans Eleven, Sammy Davis Jr. had to stay at a colored only hotel. Frank Sinatra confronted the hotel owners on Davis' behalf, and they relented, helping to break down the color barrier in Las Vegas.

  2. JFK would not let Sammy Davis play in the White house in 1961 after his interracial marriage Illegal in 31 states at the time. His marriage not only made headlines, it inspired death threats and demonstrations and forced Davis to hire 24-hour armed guards.

  3. President JFK refused to let Sammy Davis Jr perform at the white house because he was black and married a white woman

  4. The head of Columbia Studios had Sammy Davis Jr. kidnapped by the Mafia to keep him from marrying a white woman.

  5. Sammy Davis Jr. was an accomplished fast-draw shooter. Johnny Cash claimed that Davis could draw and fire a revolver in under a quarter of a second.

  6. In the Batman 60's series, Batman & Robin would interact with people while scaling the side of a building, during the blatantly bad special affect of the "bat climb". These were cameo appearances, & included Sammy Davis Jnr & Bruce Lee.

  7. Even though Sammy Davis Jr. had campaigned ardently for John F. Kennedy, Sammy was disinvited to the inauguration gala because he had married a white woman. Sammy had even postponed his marriage until after the election in order to not hurt the campaign.

  8. When Sammy Davis Jr. died in 1990 age 64, he was survived by both his mother (85) and his grandmother (110).

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Famous actors and actresses with Hispanic heritage include Desi Arnaz, Lynda Carter, Sammy Davis Jr., Cameron Diaz, Emilio Estevez, America Ferrera, Andy Garcia, Salma Hayek, Rita Hayworth, Raul Julia, Jennifer Lopez, Anthony Quinn and Charlie Sheen.

Famous singers with Hispanic heritage include Linda Ronstadt, Jennifer Lopez, Sammy Davis Jr., Christina Aguilera, Gloria Estefan, Trini Lopez, Ricky Martin, Carlos Santana, Selena, and Rita Moreno.

Sammy Davis Jr. was once kidnapped for several hours by gangsters on the behest of a studio head who wanted to dissolve his relationship with a white woman - source

Sammy Davis Jr was a card carrying member of the Church of Satan - source

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The jacket popularised by the first Prime Minister of India was featured in Vogue and became a fashion statement in the West. It was called the 'Nehru jacket', and was popularized by the Beatles and worn by people like Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr.

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It is believed that other than servants, the first African Americans to sleep in the White House were Sammy Davis jr and his wife in 1973.

53 years before the 2017 Oscar Best Picture mixup Sammy Davis. Jr. was also given the incorrect winner during the 1964 Oscars ceremony. He announced the winner to a different category. Davis Jr. played off the error, joking “wait till the NAACP hears about this".

On May 8, 1978, Muhammad Ali boxed Marvin Gaye, Sammy Davis Jr. and Richard Pryor at a benefit fight at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles

Sammy Davis Jr. was the first black president in movies

The Band recorded "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" in the home studio of famous African-American singer/dancer/comedian/actor/Rat Pack member Sammy Davis, Jr.

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Sammy Davis Jr was outlived by his mother (died 2000 at age 95) and his grandmother (died 1996 at age 112)

The original Rat Pack did not include Sammy Davis Jr or Dean Martin and Humphrey Bogart was their leader. The one that galavanted in Vegas that featured Sinatra, Martin, and Davis were "The Rat Pack Mascots."

The head of Columbia Studios had the Mafia kidnap Sammy Davis Jr. to force him to stop dating one of its white actresses. The mobster threatened to have his other eye put out or his leg broken if he did not marry a black woman within 48 hours.

Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Did a song called "Me and My Shadow" mildly racist despite how much the Rat Pack did for segregation.

Sammy Davis, Jr. played the drums.

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In 1972, Sammy Davis Jr. had a number one hit by covering "The Candy Man," a song that was originally featured in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory."

At the 1964 Oscars presenter Sammy Davis Jr. was given the wrong envelope and announced the wrong winner for Best Score (Adapted or Treatment).

Sammy Davis Jr said extramarital oral sex was not infidelity; his favorite partner was pornstar Linda Lovelace, "just as she’d done for the camera while filming Deep Throat"; and she taught him how to do it, using her unwitting husband as Davis's first recipient.

Kim Novak and Sammy Davis, Jr. had a passionate affair until Novak's producer threatened to take out a hit on Davis, causing him to break up with her and marry an African-American showgirl.

The original choice for the role of Beetlejuice was Sammy Davis, Jr.

The first serious depiction of a black man as the President in a movie was James Earl Jones in "The Man" in 1972. Sammy Davis Jr (age 7) appeared as child President much earlier in 1933 however this was only in a dream and although progressive, was largely considered satire.

Circus of the Stars ran from '77 to '94, and had stars ranging from Rock Hudson & Sammy Davis Jr. to Weird Al & Vanilla Ice!

JFK would not let Sammy Davis play in the White house in 1961 after his interracial marriage

JFK wouldn't let Sammy Davis Jr. perform at his Inauguration Ball because he married a White woman before the election.

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