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In 1992, 28000 rubber ducks fell off a shipping container in the Pacific and revolutionized our understanding of ocean circulation

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A form of debugging called rubber duck debugging, where you debug code by explaining it. The name is in reference to the book "The Pragmatic Programmer" where a programmer would debug code by explaining it, word by word, to his rubber duck.

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  1. In 1992 a storm caused 29,000 rubber ducks to be washed off a container ship. The knowledge gained from studying the duck's movement revolutionised our understanding of the ocean currents. Many of these ducks are still believed to be floating in the seas today.

  2. "Rubber duck debugging" is when a programmer explains his code to a rubber duck in hopes of finding a bug

  3. Chinese censorship has banned Big Yellow Rubber Ducks, Leaders doing Gangnam Style, Penis shaped buildings, Pictures of Empty Chairs, and TV shows that feature Time Travel.

  4. In '92, a ship from China lost 29,000 rubber ducks in the Pacific Ocean. After some washed ashore in Alaska, oceanographers started tracking their progress to learn about ocean currents. Ducks were found in Asia, Australia, the Americas, even Europe. Some were frozen in the Arctic for 15 years.

  5. Due to the limited number of different names on Norfolk Island, the island's telephone directory lists people with common names by their nickname. There are entries for Cane Toad, Lettuce Leaf, Goof, Diddles, Rubber Duck, Carrots and Tarzan.

  6. In 1992, shipping containers with around 28,000 rubber ducks were lost in the Pacific Ocean. Ducks are still being found today.

  7. A 90-year-old woman was trapped in her bathtub for 3 days and survived by drinking water from a rubber duck.

  8. Duct Tape was originally called Duck Tape. In WWII, Johnson & Johnson created a waterproof rubber adhesive tape applied to a durable duck cloth backing for use as waterproof sealing tape on ammunition cases: "Duck Tape". Later it was used to seal air ducts in forced-air heating HVAC systems

  9. In 1992, 28000 rubber ducks fell overboard off a container ship, and have spent 2 decades washing up on shorelines all around the world.

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The "Rubber Duck Debugging" used in Software Engineering that makes the programmer tell his code line by line to a rubber duck in hopes of finding a bug.

Nirvana recorded a rubber duck squeaking in middle of Drain You. This rubber duck was also on the back cover of Incesticide. - source

A law was passed in Wisconsin last year to make rubber duck races legal since they were previously classified as gambling - source

29,000 rubber ducks helped model the ocean current.

The process of rubber duck debugging. A process whereby you explain your code line by line to a rubber duck in the hope of finding the fault. - source

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Due to the limited number surnames, the phone book on Australia's Norfolk Island lists nicknames such as Cane Toad, Dar Bizziebee, Lettuce Leaf, Goof, Paw Paw, Diddles, Rubber Duck, Carrots and Tarzan.

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Fans of the German Cartoonist Loriot placed rubber ducks on his grave in memory of his most famous jokes.

Queen Elizabeth has a rubber duck with an inflatable crown in her bath at Buckingham Palace and keeps a Big Mouth Billy Bass on her piano at the summer Balmoral retreat in Scotland.

In 1992, a Chinese cargo ship lost 350 containers overboard during a storm. Among the lost containers were a range of bath toys, including rubber ducks. It is claimed that some 28,800 ducks were released into the ocean and they have been traveling around the world for at least a decade.

In 1992, a cargo ship lost 29 000 rubber ducks in a storm. This helped oceanographers map the world's ocean currents.

There's an abandoned building in Cleveland (formerly a plumbing supply store) inexplicably home to dozens of rubber ducks; their origin remains a mystery.

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About rubber duck debugging, where programmers work out problems in their code by explaining them out loud to a rubber duck

Bill Bowerman, a coach for the Oregon Ducks track and field team, created the first Nike prototype shoe by pouring rubber into his wife's waffle iron.

Germany has an annual charity event called the Entencup (literally translates to "Duck Cup") which consists of rubber duck races.

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The worlds largest rubber duck was 85ft tall, and was erected in Saint-Nazaire, France. One of many created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman around the world.

A common Charity fundraising tactic is to bet on and race rubber ducks down a local river/waterway. These are known as "Derby Duck Races".

Tübingen, Germany, has a yearly rubber duck race where over 7000 ducks are released into a river and there are over €10,000 worth of prizes to be won.

Gb host a charity event called "British Duck Race" where they launch a 250,000 Blue Rubber Ducks into the river for charity. They have raised Millions of dollars and the first duck to cross the finish line wins a cut of the donations.

The Chinese government censors rubber ducks (but only on the first of May)

Roman Abramovich, a Russian self-made billionaire and owner of Chelsea Football Club, began his business ventures by selling imported rubber ducks from his apartment

The big rubber duck sculpture was stabbed 42 times by vandals in Belgium

Sesame Street made an episode in the 1980s where Oscar the Grouch gets tricked into a contract giving his property to "Ronald Grump" to build "Grump Tower". It was also the first episode to feature the music video for "Do De Rubber Duck"!

An Easter egg in Wolfram Alpha that allows you to graph functions that resemble objects and people. There are currently 4087 special curves including plants, animals, celebrities, just about every Pokemon ever, cartoon characters, rubber ducks, famous architecture, and logos.

In software engineering, rubber ducking is a method of debugging code. The programmer would carry around a rubber duck and debug their code by forcing themselves to explain it, line-by-line, to the duck.

In 1992 a storm caused 29,000 rubber ducks to be washed off a container ship. The knowledge gained from studying the duck's movement revolutionised our understanding of the ocean currents. Many of these ducks are still believed to be floating in the seas today.

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