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Dominos Pizza awards all store managers who achieve $25,000 in sales a week for four consecutive weeks with a customized Rolex watch, in a contest called "The Rolex Challenge".

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The Rolex watch company is run by not-for-profit charitable trusts. So after a certain amount of money goes to Rolex employees & the founding Rolex family, what remains is donated to charities. Some of these charities focus on watchmaking & some on HS education. Rolex founder was an orphan.

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  1. Rolex replaced (for free) all watches seized by the germans from shot down allied pilots in WW2.

  2. Rolex strapped a watch onto the robotic arm of a submarine as it dove to the deepest point in the ocean and the watch functioned throughout the whole trip

  3. Watch companies have an "official time" at which every watch is set before being photographed. Timex watches are always set to 10:09:36, while Rolex watches are always set to 10:10:31 on Monday the 28th.

  4. James Cameron had a one of a kind watch made for him by Rolex capable of going to depths of 12000 meters (over 7 miles) bellow the surface of the ocean.

  5. The Zodiac watch company was once considered on par with luxury brands like Rolex, but faded away partly because the infamous Zodiac Killer used the company's logo as his signature in his letters.

  6. The Apple Watch is now the number one watch in the world by sales, beating out Rolex for top spot.

  7. The most expensive watch ever sold was Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona for $17.75 mil in 2017

  8. The first truly waterproof watch was made by Rolex. The Oyster was created in 1926

  9. The Hard Rock Cafe gives employees a Rolex watch on their 10th year anniversary of working for them.

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Rolex made filmmaker James Cameron a custom watch for his manned trip to the bottom of the sea. Attached to the arm of the submersible, the "Rolex Deepsea Challenge" maintained function and waterproofness perfectly at a depth of 35,787 feet

Vietnamese Burn expensive items like Gold Rolex watches and iPhone X for their ancestors during a month long 'Hungry Ghost Festival' which marks the opening of the Gates of Hell when it is believed that the dead roam free and cause havoc for the living. - source

Unless I have an old Rolex watch, don't be a pack rat. - source

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Rolex has watches that are currently in production and are still considered rare - source

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You cannot import Rolex watches into the United States

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