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The idea for Fox News was born when Richard Nixon approached Roger Ailes in 1970 about his vision for a conservative news channel that would serve as the mouthpiece for his administration and help mold the opinion of a “lazy public” addicted to TV.

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A consultant for Richard Nixon suggested a pro-administration news channel to be paid for by the White House dedicated to putting the GOP in a better light. This man was Roger Ailes, who went on to start Fox News in 1996.

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  1. In 1857, and ailing US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger B Taney wrote a decision in defense of slavery intended to nail the coffin shut on abolitionism. He survived long enough to swear into office Abraham Lincoln, whose election his judgment had helped achieve.

  2. Former Fox News Channel CEO Roger Ailes considers Fox to be an entertainment channel not a news channel

  3. Before he created Fox News, Roger Ailes founded the network that became MSNBC

  4. Former Nixon advisor and Fox News creator, Roger Ailes, perfected the hate breeding technique to "Rile up the Crazies."

  5. Fox News doesn't even officially label itself as a "news" network. It labels itself as an "entertainment" network, as per now deceased former network head Roger Ailes' own words.

  6. Roger Ailes produced an unsuccessful original musical revue on Broadway

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