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The restaurant chain Red Lobster once lost over $3 million during an "endless crab" promotion because an executive underestimated how much people could eat.

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The restaurant chain TGI Fridays stopped its waiters from wearing “flair” a few years after the movie Office Space came out because people wouldn’t stop making Office Space references about it.

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  1. Despite being one of the larger restaurant chains, Subway locations are closing at an ever-increasing rate

  2. Fast food chains are banned in Bermuda under the Foreign Restaurants Act of 1977, with the exception of one KFC that was grandfathered in

  3. "Taco Tuesday" isn't something just any restaurant can celebrate. It's trademarked by a Wyoming-based chain called Taco John's, which routinely sends cease-and-desist letters to other restaurants that use it.

  4. If you're ordering and paying for extra ingredients at an U.S. restaurant you're paying on the average a 426% mark-up for extra sour cream, 417% for cheese on a burger, and 525% for any ingredients on a pizza. An unidentified pizza chain has a 636% mark up for meat in their "meat-laden" pizza.

  5. There's a Burger King in the town of Mattoon, Illinois which actually opened before the giant chain and registered as a statewide trademark in 1959. The Burger King chain isn’t allowed to operate within 20 miles of the original restaurant.

  6. Coca-Cola from McDonald's tastes different compared to plastic bottles and other restaurant chains thanks to unique storage system, water filtration, syrup-to-water ratio, and cooler temperatures

  7. There is an American restaurant chain, "Der Wienerschnitzel", that contains three German language errors in its name. The gender is incorrect, the restaurant serves hot dogs (not Wiener schnitzel), and a missing space implies that residents of Vienna have been used as an ingredient.

  8. The White Castle burger chain was founded at a time when Americans were avoiding ground beef, after the scandal of dirty meat packing plants in "The Jungle". The founders used white porcelain and steel extensively in their restaurant design to convey the impression of cleanliness.

  9. The Chi-Chi's restaurant chain was hit with the largest hepatitis A outbreak in U.S. history, with at least four deaths and 660 other victims a month after filing for bankruptcy

  10. The current Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu, owns a restaurant chain called the Earl of Sandwich, which specialises in sandwiches.

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Ever think your state's just got a lot of chain restaurants?

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How Many Calories Are On the Menu at the Top Ten Fast Food Restaurant Chains

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The Cracker Barrel restaurant chain practiced segregation until 2004, when the U.S. Justice Department forced them to stop.

A single Dutch snack restaurant holds the registered name Wendy's since 1988 in the Benelux (=Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg), blocking American fast-food chain Wendy's to settle in Europe, even after Wendy's (US) went to court to try to get the trademark registration dropped. - source

The same guy invented Pizza Hut's Stuffed Crust Pizza, McDonald's McGriddles and Dollar Menu, and the Smashburger restaurant chain - source

About the Automat, a fast food-like restaurant with no wait staff. Patrons would put coins into a machine in order to unlock a box with food. At it’s peak in the early 20th century, an Automat chain was one of the largest restaurant chains in the world, serving 800,000 people daily.

There is a restaurant chain called "Dick's Last Resort," where the servers are instructed to be obnoxious and to treat their customers poorly by not giving them any napkins, and then throwing them at them when they ask for some. - source

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Burger King (not the chain) in Mattoon, IL can be the only food restaurant that can be named that in that town and cannot use the name outside the town. Also Burger King (the chain) has the rights to the name everywhere else except in Mattoon, IL

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The current Earl of Sandwich owns a sandwich restaurant chain

Jordache, the company famous for skinny jeans in the 70s and 80s, now makes most of its money in real estate, hotel and restaurant chains and airlines

When 'The Doors' finished their ‘Morrison Hotel’ album cover photoshoot they went around for a beer and found by chance a bar named ‘Hard Rock Café’. One photo taken there was used as the album's back cover, later inspiring the creation of the chain of theme restaurants by the same name.

The burger chain Krystal was created during the Great Depression and based on the concept that even during economic distress, “People would patronize a restaurant that was kept spotlessly clean, where they could get a good meal with courteous service at the lowest possible price."

After Colonel Sanders sold KFC, the restaurant chain changed the secret recipe for their gravy and chicken. Sanders hated both so much that he berated the gravy as "sludge", said the chicken was "a damn fried doughball put on top of some chicken", and opened a competing fried chicken restaurant.

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In 2005, a woman falsely claimed she found a finger in her food at Wendy's. The fast food chain suffered an estimated US$21 million in lost business. She later revealed, she cooked the finger at her home and then drove it to the Wendy's restaurant in San Jose, where she dropped it into the food.

The North Korean government runs a chain of over 100 restaurants outside of North Korea

Dave Thomas was sent to Germany as an army cook, and later worked with Colonel Sanders on many projects to make KFC more profitable and to give it brand recognition. He later sold his KFC franchises back to Sanders for over $1.5 million, and went on to found his Wendy's restaurant chain.

Baton Rouge, Boston Pizza, Montana's Cookhouse, New York Fries and New Orleans Pizza ironically were not founded in the U.S., but they're all Canadian-based restaurant chains.

There was a chain of restaurants in New York where patrons could buy food out of a vending device called an Automat. The chain operated from 1912 to 1991 and was hugely popular in the 1940s.

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One of the first franchise restaurants is the Chicken in the Rough restaurant chain which started in the 1930s. There are still four left

After Ray Kroc bought the McDonald's restaurant chain from the McDonald brothers, they were left only with their single original restaurant. A bitter Kroc then opened another McDonald's only a block away, and the brothers were run out of business.

IHOP is a restaurant chain in the United States that offers customers free pancakes on Pancake Day in an effort to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals. In 2011 IHOP served 4 million free pancakes on Pancake Day and raised $2.5 million for charities.

In the US, The FDA requires chain restaurants and retailers to identify nutrition information on all food - Movie Theaters are exempt, claiming "[their] primary purpose is not to sell food."

KFC is a leading fast food chain in China and even opened an experimental restaurant focused on fruit juice and salad

ESPN had a sports-themed restaurant and entertainment chain, and featured a competitive sitting and TV watching competition called The Ultimate Couch Potato. The 2010 winner broke the Guinness World Record for uninterrupted television viewing by sitting for 3 days.

There is only one Howard Johnson's Restaurant left in the US. At one point, HoJo's was America's largest restaurant chain, operating over 1,000 locations. Now, only the Lake George, NY location remains.

The MOE in the restaurant chain Moe’s Southwest Grill stands for Musicians, Outlaws, and Entertainers

In 1993 an E. coli outbreak at the Jack in the Box restaurant chain caused the infection of 732 people. Four children died and another 178 people were permanently affected.

Waffle House owns a record label that makes records for the restaurant chain's jukeboxes with titles such as "They're Cooking Up My Order." Producers include Jerry Buckner, whose band, Buckner and Garcia, scored a top 10 single in 1982 called "Pac-Man Fever."

More Burger King restaurants have burned down since 1954 than any other fast-food chain

Steve Aoki's Father Founded The Restaurant Chain Benihana

The fish used in McDonald's Filet-O-fish as well as several other national chain restaurants, is a rather unattractive species called the Hoki, or blue grenadier, found in Northern New Zealand.

About the restaurant chain "Rollercoaster Restaurant", which makes the food you order get delivered on a small rollercoaster, which includes a loop

The "Lu Ann Platter" a meal from the Texas Restaurant chain Luby's was the inspiration for the character name Luanne Platter from the animated Texas comedy/drama, King of the Hill.

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