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The phrase "Go for Broke" was originally coined by the 442nd Infantry Regiment during WWII. The regiment comprised entirely of American soldiers of Japanese ancestry whose families were imprisoned in internment camps.Till this day they are the most decorated combat unit in American History.

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US 442nd Infantry Regiment (comprised of Japanese Americans) were awarded 18,000 medals in 2yrs

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  1. As the Americans retreated, the First Maryland Regiment, comprised of about 400 men, made a stand almost to the last man. About 256 Maryland soldiers were killed and later buried in a mass grave by the British. The stand allowed the Continentals to safely retreat.

  2. In 1971 just 120 Indian Soldiers defended a strategic post against Pakistani aggressor which comprised of 4 infantry battalions and an armoured regiment, with just one recoiless gun, mortar and machine guns.James Hatter even compared it to Battle of Thermopylae

  3. During WWII the 442nd Infantry Regiment was almost entirely comprised of second-generation American soldiers of Japanese ancestry. "Go for broke. Never fear." -Noboru Seki

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