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A few weeks before the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, US scientists performed a safety test on the EBR-II reactor by disabling cooling pumps and automatic protection systems at full thermal power. The core passively cooled itself as designed without human intervention or damage.

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A Russian woman in Chernobyl is making YouTube videos while injecting herself with radiation and eating apples from the Exclusion Zone. She also picks up pieces of the radioactive reactor core.

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  1. The 'Warp Core' shown in "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is not a set piece or prop, but actually the experimental nuclear fusion reactor at The National Ignition Facility.

  2. In 1952, President Carter was one of the US Nuclear officers sent to Canada to enter and disassemble a crippled Canadian nuclear reactor. He personally entered the reactor to help disassemble the core, and tested positive for radiation for several months afterwards.

  3. There is still a lava-like molten mixture of nuclear reactor core that remains from Chernobyl - 300 seconds looking at it and you would be dead in two days

  4. The first civil nuclear accident happened in Canada in 1952 when a reactor core was damaged. Contaminated light-water leaked out of the reactor and led to a major response effort. Future U.S. president Jimmy Carter, then a Navy Lieutenant, was part of the cleanup crew

  5. One of the first nuclear accidents occurred when the core of the Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1 melted down, but it was so quiet that the engineer overseeing the reactor was unaware anything had happened until a technician stopped by to tell him.

  6. There are Soviet nuclear reactor cores in orbit that are falling back to Earth

  7. It is estimated that a minimum of 5% of the radioactive reactor core was released during the steam explosion and resulting fires.

  8. Eating 80,000,000 bananas would give you a lethal dose of radiation, and consuming 500,000,000 bananas would give you a dose equivalent to 10 minutes next to the Chernoble reactor core after its meltdown.

  9. Corium, which is a lava like molten liquid, is formed in the cores of nuclear reactors during a meltdown. It consists of what ever is in the core at the time.

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For ten years, the American Antarctic research center McMurdo Station was powered by a nuclear reactor. A single core no larger than an oil drum served as the heart of the nuclear reactor.

One hypothesis for the formation of the moon, is due to the explosion of georeactor on core-mantle boundary at the equatorial plane. I.E. A natural nuclear reactor blew a huge chunk off the Earth, and it formed the moon. - source

The Star Trek Into Darkness warp core scene was filmed near an actual fusion reactor (or laser system) in the National Ignition Facility at LLNL - source

Japan Is Still Hiring Specialists To "fix" The Fukushima Reactor Cores (Pressure Suppression Chamber).

The Enterprise warp core in Star Trek: Into Darkness is a real fusion reactor in California. - source

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The JET reactor, a fusion reactor in the UK, when running, creates the hottest place in the solar system. Getting 10 times as hot as the sun's core.

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The "Elephant's Foot" reactor core from Chernobyl had chunks for analysis shot off from a distance as electronic devices could not function near it due to the intense radiation

Soviets once shot at melted-down remains of the Chernobyl reactor core, from a Kalashnikov rifle.

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