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During the 1800 US Presidential campaign, Federalists sent out a paper saying Jefferson was dead, hoping to suppress his support, hoping word would travel slow that he wasn’t dead.

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Fmr Democratic Presidential hopeful, Dennis Kucinich, had a mafia hit ordered on him as mayor Cleveland in the 70's by mob boss Tommy Sinito.

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  1. During his 1928 mock presidential bid, American cowboy and humorist Will Rogers stated, “I hope there is some sane people who will appreciate dignity and not showmanship in their choice for the presidency.”

  2. During US Presidential election of 1836, instead of electing one candidate, the Whigs ran four candidates in different regions in hopes that each would be popular enough to defeat incumbent President Van Buren in their respective region and thereby throw the election to House of Representatives

  3. Mark Hanna, a Cleveland businessman, single-handedly organized to defeat William Jennings Bryan, a powerful orator on whose shoulders the hopes of the entire Western farmers lay, on the 1896 Presidential Election to elect William McKinley, the status quo candidate.

  4. Before they officially announce their candidacy, presidential hopefuls can (and do) legally work with the super PACs that will fight on their behalf during the election.

  5. JFK's presidential campaign song was "High Hopes" sung by Frank Sinatra but with the lyrics changed to fit the campaign

  6. Republican presidential hopeful, and billionaire Donald Trump has declared bankruptcy 4 times in 18 years.

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