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President Harry S. Truman was so poor after his presidency that Congress had to enact a law to give him a pension. President Herbert Hoover the only other living ex-president took the pension as well, despite his wealth, to avoid embarrassing Truman.

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President Herbert Hoover and First Lady Lou Henry Hoover were both fluent in Chinese and would speak it to each other in the White House to prevent eavesdropping.

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  1. President Herbert Hoover who resided over the beginning of the Great Depression had never once been elected to a government office before becoming President of the United States.

  2. From having lived and worked in China, President Herbert Hoover and his wife were fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and would frequently have conversations in the language to prevent their staff from eavesdropping.

  3. President Herbert Hoover and his wife Lou both spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese. They communicated in the language whenever they wanted to keep their conversations private around guests and the press.

  4. US president Herbert Hoover demanded that the staff at the White House should've been invisible. Everytime Hoover or the First Lady entered a room, servants were expected to jump into the nearest closet to avoid being seen.

  5. Future president Herbert Hoover and his wife were in Tianjin during the Boxer rebellion. They spent a month under siege, during which he helped US troops sent to relieve the city, and his wife reportedly used a .38 pistol to defend against the Boxers.

  6. The USS Sequoia, a boat that served as the official presidential yacht for presidents from Herbert Hoover to Jimmy Carter. The yacht was at one time retrofitted with an elevator for Franklin D. Roosevelt; Lyndon Johnson had it removed and replaced with a liquor bar.

  7. A Native American jazz band played at the 1929 inauguration of President Herbert Hoover and the first (and only) Native American Vice President of the United States, Charles Curtis.

  8. Every US President up until Herbert Hoover held a tradition during New Years Day anyone could stand in line and shake the president's hand and wish him a happy new year.

  9. Herbert Hoover was the president when the Great Depression began. He made the mistake in 1930 of telling Americans that the worst was over. He was very wrong.

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Italian anarchist Severino Di Giovanni attempted to assassinate President Herbert Hoover and bombed the American embassy and headquarters of Citibank/Bank of Boston in Buenos Aires in response to the execution of Sacco and Vanzetti in 1927.

U.S. President Herbert Hoover's wife Lou spoke Chinese and is the only first lady to have spoken an Asian language. - source

Former U.S. President Herbert Clark Hoover was born in West Branch, Iowa in 1874. He was President of the United States from 1929 until 1933.

President Herbert Hoover created his summer retreat of 13 cabins in Shenandoah National Park's Rapidan Camp in 1929.

Herbert Hoover, president from 1929-1933, was still alive when JFK was assassinated. But the longest-living ex-president of all time is still alive: Jimmy Carter, who eclipsed Hoover's record in 2012. - source

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United States presidents that were born in Massachusetts include John Adams, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and George Herbert Walker Bush.

On Christmas Eve in 1929, the White House had another fire, when Herbert Hoover was the president. It started because of a fireplace's blocked flue. Today the White House has 28 fireplaces.

Several United States Presidents were born in Massachusetts including John Adams, the 2nd president (from 1797 to 1801); John Quincy Adams, the 6th president (from 1825 to 1829); John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president (from 1961 to 1963); George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president (from 1989 to 1993).

The pinnacle of Hughes" public career came in 1930 when he was nominated by Republican President Herbert Hoover to be Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court.

President Herbert Hoover authorized Isle Royale National Park's creation in 1931.

Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States, was a prominent geologist and mining engineer. A mining company he founded developed the zinc froth flotation process, a method still used today for zinc recovery from ore.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt planned for Herbert Hoover to run for president as a Democrat in 1920 with him as the VP. This plan failed as Hoover publicly declared himself a Republican. Later, FDR ran against Hoover in the 1932 Presidential Election and won by a landslide, winning all but six states.

Boulder Dam was renamed in 1947 to Hoover Dam, after President Herbert Hoover.

Herbert Hoover was one of two presidents to donate his salary to charity (the other was John F. Kennedy).

Herbert Hoover never traveled abroad while President

Herbert Hoover was the first U.S. president born west of the Mississippi river.

President Herbert Hoover was the first student of Stanford University, after he failed all of his entrance exams other than mathematics

Former US President Herbert Hoover spent 18 months working in rural Western Australia just before the turn of the 20th century. The house that Hoover lived in, overlooking the mine operations, still exists, and today operates as a museum and bed-and-breakfast inn.

The Former Presidents Act, allowing for a pension to be paid, wasn’t passed until 1958, specifically to help Harry Truman. Herbert Hoover was also eligible, but didn’t need the money. He took it anyway to avoid embarrassing Truman.

The first student admitted to Stanford University upon its founding in 1891 was future American President Herbert Hoover

President Herbert Hoover had a claim to be the first student to attend Stanford University, as he was the first student in the first class to sleep in the university's dorm.

In 1922-23 the United States funded a massive famine relief effort in the Soviet Union. Thousands of kitchens fed 10.5 million Soviet citizens a day. Future president Herbert Hoover led the effort.

Although future president Herbert Hoover arranged one of the first college football games on the West Coast, he didn’t see it as he spent the game guarding the $20,000 in gate receipts.

A small-town mayor wrote to President Herbert Hoover to decry industrial technology as a "Frankenstein monster" that was "devouring our civilization". That small town, Palo Alto, grew into an economic focal point of Silicon Valley; it's the home of HP, Tesla, Xerox, etc.

President Herbert Hoover did not attend high school and entered Stanford University in its inaugural year despite failing all the entrance exams except mathematics

The son of Herbert Hoover, the 31st President of the United States, owned two Alligators which sometimes wandered the White House Grounds.

When President Herbert Hoover was campaigning for his (ultimately unsuccessful) 1932 re-election campaign, he had to deal with one person who tried to assassinate him with dynamite and another person who removed several spikes from the train tracks his train was on

William Howard Taft is the only former President to swear in subsequent Presidents, giving the oath of office to both Calvin Coolidge (in 1925) and Herbert Hoover (in 1929).

In the midst of the Great Depression president Herbert Hoover claimed "what this country needs a good big laugh...if someone could get off a good joke every ten days, I think our troubles will be over."

Charles Curtis, Vice President under Herbert Hoover, was half Native American

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