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There's a place in the Pacific Ocean called Point Nemo. It s so far from land, the nearest humans are often astronauts. The ISS orbits the Earth at a maximum of 258 miles (416km). Meanwhile the nearest inhabited landmass to Point Nemo is over 1,670 miles (2,700km) away.

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The most remote location on Earth lies in the South Pacific and is known as "Nemo Point". So remote in fact, the closest humans to this point would be the astronauts on the ISS that occasionally drift overhead.

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  1. When ships pass through Point Nemo in the southern Pacific Ocean, the closest other humans are in the International Space Station 400km up.

  2. When ships pass through Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean, the nearest land mass is 1677 (2,700 kms) miles away. This means that at certain times of the day, the nearest humans are on the international space station (ISS) 258 miles (416 kms) up.

  3. Point Nemo. It is a point in the ocean which is furthest possible point away from any land mass. At certain times, the closest humans to this point are on the International Space Station.

  4. Place on Earth furthest from land is Point Nemo or Pole of inaccessibility. It is a cemetery for the satellites and space stations. Over 263 satellites including MIR, 142-ton Russian Space Station have been crashed here. NASA is planning to crash International Space Station here at 2028.

  5. Point Nemo is the farthest place on earth from land

  6. The most remote location on the planet is Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean

  7. Point Nemo in the South Pacific Ocean, the furthest point from land, also known as the "oceanic pole of inaccessibility." It is so far from land, the nearest humans are often astronauts.

  8. The most remote location on Earth lies in the South Pacific And is known as “Nemo Point”. So remote in fact, that the closest humans to this point would be the astronauts on the ISS (International Space Station) who occasionally drift overhead.

  9. Point Nemo aka Point of Inaccessibility is the place so distant that the closest human are the astraunauts orbiting in the ISS

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Point Nemo: The furthest point away from land possible.

Point Nemo is the farthest one can get from dry land. It is 1,450 nautical miles from the nearest landfall. - source

Point Nemo (in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) is so far away from land, that the closest humans to it are on the space station when it goes by. - source

If you get stranded on "Point nemo", a spot in ocean farthest from land, the closest that the human beings can come to you will be those on the international space station. - source

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Point Nemo, an area in the southern Pacific Ocean 2,400 mi southeast of Wellington, is also a Spacecraft Cemetery. A total of more than 263 spacecraft were disposed of in this area between 1971 and 2016.

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English medieval courts had a principle called 'nemo moriturus praesumitur mentiri', meaning no one on the point of death should be presumed to be lying.

The furthest spot from land is Point Nemo, Graveyard of Spaceships, Home of Cthulhu, and source of "The Bloop." More links in comments.

Ducie Island, the closest island to Point Nemo, which is the furthest point on Earth from land. The island is only 1.5 sq mi.

If you were at Point Nemo on the Pacific Ocean, the nearest humans to you would most probably be on the International Space Station rather than on any land.

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Point Nemo" is the furthest point from land on earth and is surrounded by almost 9 million square miles of water.

About The Oceanic Pole of Inaccessibility, also known as Point Nemo is a location in the Pacific Ocean where countries and organizations aim their space junk as they fall back to Earth.

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