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It has been argued that the "rib" (צְלָעֹת ṣela‘, also translated "flank" or "side") in the story of Adam and Eve is actually a mistranslation of a Biblical Hebrew euphemism for baculum, a bone found in the penis of many placental mammals but that is absent in the human penis.

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All female placental mammals menstruate, but only female humans, bats, elephant shrews and some primate species bleed, which is called overt menstruation. Other mammals completely reabsorb the endometrium in what is known as covert or 'true' menstruation.

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  1. Humans being trichromats (having three color receptors in their eyes: red, green and blue) is an exception amongst placental mammals, which are mostly dichromats. Other exceptions: some sea mammals are monochromats, and in some new world monkeys 60% of females are trichromats.

  2. Anteaters have low body temperature compared to other placental mammals, just 32.7 degrees of Celsius.

  3. James Cameron told Playboy magazine about designing Avatar's aliens, "Right from the beginning I said, ‘She’s got to have tits,’ even though that makes no sense because her race, the Na’vi, aren’t placental mammals."

  4. Placental mammals obtained their ability to give birth in-utero through the infection of a virus

  5. We have runny nose when eating spicy food because of the stimulation caused by chemicals usually found on the placental tissue which was meant to prevent mammals from eating plants' seeds.

  6. In most species of placental mammals, males have a bone in their penis. It's called a baculum (or os penis). Females have an os clitoridis.

  7. Scientists created a data matrix and were able to find the common ancestor of placental mammals

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