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Marie Skłodowska Curie, the first and only woman awarded twice a Nobel Prize, married with Pierre Curie (Nobel Prize for Chemisty), had a daughter that was awarded too, jointly with his husband in 1935. This made the Curies the family with the most Nobel laureates to date.

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Marie and Pierre Curie won the Physics Nobel Prize in 1903. Marie Curie won the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1911. Marie's daughter Irène and her husband won the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 1935. In total, 15 people in the family were prominent researchers in physics, chemistry, biology or medicine.

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  1. Marie Skłodowska-Curie and Pierre Curie, together with their offspring and their spouses, received 6 Nobel prizes between them. 3 in Chemistry, 2 in Physics and 1 Nobel peace prize.

  2. Isaac Newton, Adam Smith, André-Marie Ampère, Nikola Tesla, Archimedes, Pierre Curie and Albert Einstein are considered "absent-minded professors" because they are so engrossed in their "own world" that they fail to keep track of their surroundings

  3. In 1903 Becquerel shared the Nobel Prize in Physics with Marie and Pierre Curie "in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity."

  4. Working with his brother, Jacques, Curie discovered piezoelectric effects.

  5. He was a demonstrator in the physics lab until 1888 when he became the head of all practical work in the Physics and Industrial Chemistry Schools.

  6. Also in 1903 Pierre and Marie Curie were jointly awarded the Davy Medal of the Royal Society of London.

  7. In June 1903 she received her doctorate from the University of Paris and Pierre was was invited to speak on radioactive at the Royal Institution in London but women were not allowed to speak.

  8. He was educated at home until he entered the Sorbonne to study physics.

  9. Although they had to work in extremely difficult situations and had very little support they discovered radium in 1898.

  10. In 1904 he became Titular Professor.

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In 1903 they shared the Nobel Prize with Henri Becquerel.

Pierre had invented a sensitive electrometer and she used it to discover that uranium caused the air around the sample to conduct electricity and, since the reaction depended on the size of the sample, she theorized that the radiation was coming from the sample itself and not an interaction between the molecules.

The famous physicist Pierre Curie slipped in the rain and got his head ran over by a horse-drawn cart, killing him instantly. - source

Radium was discovered by Pierre and Marie Curie in 1898.

In 1905 he was elected to the Academy of Sciences.

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The Curies" daughter, Irene shared the 1935 Nobel Prize for Chemistry with her husband Frederic Joliot.

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In 1897 Marie took a position at the Ecole Normale Superieure and she and Pierre continued their research in a small, leaky shed near his school.

He joined his wife, Marie, in her experiments with radiation.

In order to carry out his experiments in magnetism and electricity he invented several new pieces of equipment.

Irene Curie was born in Paris, the daughter of Nobel Prize winning physicists Pierre and Marie Curie.

Marie and Dr. Pierre Curie were married July 23, 1985, and he eventually left his own field of research to work with her.

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He became interested in the study of magnetism and discovered that temperature changes the magnetic properties of a given substance.

In December 1903 she, Pierre and Henri Becquerel shared the Nobel Prize in Physics.

The point of change is known as the Curie point.

Pierre was killed when he was hit by a vehicle on the streets of Paris.

In 1895 he received his PhD and became Professor of Physics.

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Pierre and Marie Curie reported findings in 1899 of a glowing gas that radium gave off.

He was granted a degree in physics in 1878.

Their foundational work on the properties of radium and polonium was the basis for much of the research on nuclear physics and chemistry of the 20th century.

Pierre was killed in an accident in 1906 but Marie continued her work and in 1910 she finally isolated radium.

When the uranium and thorium were removed from the sample of pitchblende, Curie and her husband Pierre discovered that it somehow became even more radioactive.

Marie Curie's chemistry laboratory became a public museum after it was decontaminated and reconstructed. Other items on display include notes of Pierre and Marie Curie that date from 1902 and show the calculation of the atomic mass of radium, which is actually still radioactive

Pierre Curie was born in Paris where his father was a doctor.

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